Lootboxes and Gambling in Vidya

Talk about the life consuming, celibacy inducing hobby that is all the rage these days.
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Re: Lootboxes and Gambling in Vidya

Post by mad bum » Wed Jul 13, 2022 9:36 pm

50 million in one month is crazy good, and the thing about these games is they are designed to go long term. So expect more power creep as they release new gear sets every quarter for maximum whaleage.
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Re: Lootboxes and Gambling in Vidya

Post by Kugelfisch » Wed Jul 13, 2022 10:33 pm

50 mil is trash for Gatchashit. Clash of Clans made over a billion in it's first year and was developed, in total, in six months.

Look, D:I is profitable. Absolutely. But it underperformed massively and has such shit monetization that even many whales jumped ship already.
More importantly, the casuals left in droves and those are needed for the whales to lord over.
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