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Post by Vulcan » Wed Mar 29, 2017 7:01 am

Interested in the podcasts people here listen to and any recommendations they can offer.

For me they can be split up into two categories: MMA and Wrestling.

For Wrestling it's
- The Jim Cornette Experience
A great podcast that often talks about old wrestling from the territory era, Jim also has a great co-host called Brian Last that knows a fuckton about wrestling. The only caveat to this show is that it can veer off into political discussion, which gets very dull.
- Corny's Drive Through
The purist version of the above podcast, it's all about wrestling and features Jim Cornette answering fan emails.
- 605 Superpodcast
This is hosted by the aforementioned co-host: Brian Last. It's probably my favourite podcast to listen to simply because it has a lot of humour and an incredible myriad of discussion topics brought forth by rotating co-hosts.
- Austin Idol Live
Hosted by the Universal Heartthrob, it's a very enjoyable and likeable podcast that is all about the career of Austin Idol. Idol himself is very charismatic and has a lot of warmth so the interviews are fantastic.


-Heavy Hands
Whereas most discussion on breaking down MMA is done on a grappling basis, this is a breath of fresh air as it is one of the few podcasts dedicated to striking analysis. Connor Ruebusch and Patrick Wyman truly know their stuff and hearing them explain the nuances of what makes someone a good fighter is captivating.
-Promotional Malpractice
A catch-all Q&A by Luke Thomas, he responds to the weekly happenings in the MMA world and any questions viewers have. He is extremely articulate and thoughtful.

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