Sure I'll plug my faggy shit here you cunts

Tell everyone about some crappy video you made on youtube (or whatever thing you made) and realise how talentless you really are.
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Re: Sure I'll plug my faggy shit here you cunts

Post by rabidtictac » Mon Jun 11, 2018 6:22 pm

Kugelfisch wrote:
Mon Jun 11, 2018 12:22 pm
Jesus, those sweeps! He's so garbage it's a miracle he got any wins at all. I'm 18 minutes in and I think I've seen him do two 360s or so. He knows that Hugo is a grappler, right?
Yeah, he'll do flying fierce kick into a sweep and get a knockdown, so what does this nigga do? Nothing. He waits for them to get up so he can sweep again.

I'm not even a good Hugo. I can't do shit in 3S. But I know that when you get a knockdown, you immediately dash in and go for a mixup. Hugo has some amazing built-in mixup tools for their wakeup. You can 360 of course, you can 720, you can shootdown backbreaker, you can stand fierce punch, you can clap into a combo etc.

DSP just doesn't know shit about Hugo. He's played him across 2 games and doesn't know anything. He got REALLY lucky with his opponents. When I was on fightcade, a lot of people would just parry whenever I did the same move twice in a row. You can't be predictable in 3S. That forced me to learn new shit like using taunt, meat squasher, ex lariat or shootdown backbreaker to force the opponent out of their groove in neutral.

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