Fatphobia Containment Thread

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Re: Fatphobia Containment Thread

Post by Credo in Deum » Sun Aug 05, 2018 1:29 am

The problem is too hard to tackle because there are so many factors that play into it. If you look at an individual you can unfold the issues for the most part but that doesn't solve the obesity problem in general and at that point if you have someone as fat as Boogie good luck counseling him.

The other thing is, life in an industrial nation state, compared to an agricultural, changed dramatically. If obesity is really a health problem or rather a money problem is something you should take into account as well. If an extremely fat fuck only loses 14 years of his life expectancy then you have to question the whole approach of this.

The day has only so much hours and not everyone has a physical taxing job. That is a problem under capitalism because there is not enough time left for exercise. Many people lose hours just because of driving to work, back and sitting in the break room at work.

This whole rigid system how the average day is organized in an industrial nation state is extremely outdated concerning work hours, sleep etc.

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Re: Fatphobia Containment Thread

Post by Kugelfisch » Sun Aug 05, 2018 2:10 am

It's modelled after the consumer's wishes, with the service industry and transportation having to operate around the clock, everything has to be cheap and development has to be fast for a high turnover.
Couple that with abusive tax systems and a financial system in which money somehow has to create more money out of nothing and you've got the shit currently the entire planet functions under.

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Re: Fatphobia Containment Thread

Post by rabidtictac » Sun Aug 05, 2018 10:23 am

Exercise is not the primary determiner of weight gain or loss, credo. This is another trap fats fall into tbh. Abs are made in the kitchen.

Not having time to exercise won't get you fat. What will get you fat is eating a lot of shit. The capitalist system encourages eating a lot of shit because it's high-stress desk work that drives people to emotional eating or eating from boredom. But the problem here isn't a lack of exercise. When our societies were more physical, we had the opposite problem of peoples' bodies breaking down fairly early on in life due to how much physical labor they did.

The problem is one of nutrition and this is an issue that has to be tackled at many different angles.

-Education: people have to know how to find, purchase and make cheap, healthy meals
-Inclination: people have to WANT to lose weight
-Opportunity: people have to be able to purchase the right kinds of food, which may be difficult if they live in the inner city
-Health: people have to be made aware of the health risks of obesity and its drain on public health systems, also they must realize that being obese greatly reduces quality of life after about 35-40 years of age
-Psychology: people must be willing and able to address the emotional factors that drive them to overeat, such as past trauma or consistent high-stress living

It is a complex issue if we're talking about what to do as a society to address obesity. But it's not a DSP-esque "nothing I could do" kind of situation. A lot of fats will say "I don't have time to exercise!" or "I don't have the money to buy all these fancy health foods!" That's just an excuse. You don't need to exercise to lose weight and you don't need to be rich to eat healthy. A bag of frozen vegetables costs a dollar. Bag of chips costs $2. And as for not having time to prepare food, which is another common complaint, there are crock pots and all kinds of other time-savers people can employ.

And fats living nearly as long (with medical intervention) still isn't good for them, because their quality of life becomes absolute shit in those later years. We need to better inform people of how shitty it is to get an amputation at age 50.

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