Onision Tree Saga

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Re: Onision Tree Saga

Post by Guest » Wed Feb 06, 2019 1:17 pm

You know what else belongs in an oven? Onion boys pizza face.

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Re: Onision Tree Saga

Post by rabidtictac » Sat Feb 16, 2019 7:32 am

The snow level is bobbing between 2500 and 500 feet in his area. It's cold as hell. Snowmelt will start soon, a couple weeks.

March is when the comedy might start.

Like someone mentioned, he's got standing water up into where that tree was. He's undoubtably got standing water UNDER that sod he threw down. It might not have adhered, he might be out there throwing Miracle-Gro on it. Or it still could be surviving on the initial fertilized earth the sod is on.

But if he went looking for the cheapest people, he's going to get ass raped. There's a few people who will collect up the fees, make some stuff up that looks good, claim there's a few contractors, then bail out when the check clears.

Still, Fish & Wildlife are lubing up their cock as we speak.

Gurg might not be taking this seriously. Hell, he might even think he's getting over and that price list from earlier that we all know are fees are his actual fines. If he's dumb enough to think that, it's going to be hysterical.

I can't wait till Monday. This weekend will be sweet anticipation.
Final date is coming up on Monday. Onion boy is about to get fucking destroyed. He's already been through the court process, made his promises to fix the area and now he has to come back with what he plans to do. And the government is gonna fuck him hard if he doesn't have his ducks in a row. Which he won't, because he's a narcissistic idiot who still thinks he did nothing wrong.

There are recent pics of his swamp shack showing standing water where all his plants use to be. Imagine what's gonna happen when all the ice melts and the serious spring rainfall starts up in earnest.

I know about the northwest and let me tell you, flooding is no fucking joke and even normal city properties can become a mass of mud and slush. Never mind what happens to a swamp when you tear out all the trees, vines and plants that normally anchor the earth. Greg could get in really big trouble if some shit happens and he doesn't get the swamp fixed up before a big flood or storm fucks up his neighbors' properties because HE ruined the wetlands.

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Re: Onision Tree Saga

Post by Osterzone » Sat Feb 16, 2019 7:49 am

Is a man not entitled to a build a dock because his property is close to a lake?

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