Quinton Reviews AKA: Burgerland hbomberguy (sort of)

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Quinton Reviews AKA: Burgerland hbomberguy (sort of)

Post by Seele » Mon Feb 05, 2018 3:55 am


Personally, I think he's a soy boy with an inferiority complex that sort of comes of as half tryhard-shitposter and half skeptic, but he spends most of his time at reviewing movies and shows, sometimes other YouTubers, and reactions. I only recently discovered him on his videos where he tore GradeAUnderA a new asshole, but some certain videos from him range from middling to perplexing to just plain crap.

Then there's videos like these where his "intelligence" becomes questionable.

^He took down this video. It was reuploaded on another channel.^

All in all, he comes across as a less spergy hbomberguy-type to me, though how that varies depends on the levels of contrarianism.
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Re: Quinton Reviews AKA: Burgerland hbomberguy (sort of)

Post by Kugelfisch » Fri Feb 23, 2018 8:03 pm

I've seen a couple of his videos and I'd say your assessment is correct. He's a whiny lefty fag but when he's correct on something he's correct. He's still not good, though.
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