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Boogie1488: The Fats of our Lives

Post by Poonoo » Sat Mar 25, 2017 11:40 pm

Talk about DHI's favourite whale.

Tictac Edit:

Boogie's Moral Code:


Poonoo Edit: Megapost from a user with a lot of info on Boogie's history:
It’s easy to think that boogie is just being hated because he is an easy target; too nice to fight back. Probably the nicest person on the internet; perhaps the Mr Rodger’s of our time.

Is he really though?

Admittedly, it’s very hard not to root for Boogie at first glance. Boogie (aka Steven Williams) portrays himself as a sweet and lovable person that just wants to spread messages of positivity and kindness. According to him, he has lived through a terrible childhood and endured the most dire hardships. With this he gains your sympathy. He is an “underdog” that you desperately want to succeed, and he might even inspire you.

However, overtime, most of us being ex-fans of his, quickly discovered how Boogie isn't the saint he portrays to be. The mask slipped. Most of us don't dislike Boogie because he is fat, but, because he is a bad person. He is dishonest, manipulative liar, selfish, and abusive. Because his nice guy persona is fake. In reality, Boogie is just a selfish man-child that only cares about himself and has had everything handed to him in life, and simply uses people, specially his fans, to benefit himself.

Turns out that Boogie, just like Francis, is just another character played by Steven Wiliams.

Of course the natural reaction is to be in denial. It can’t be true, Can it? But he is such an inspiration! You must be trolling to slander him! Let the facts speak for themselves:

Boogie’s Porn blogs

Boogie portrays himself as someone that thinks highly of women. In reality he think of them as little more than sexual objects for his own gratification. And he is a huge sexual pervert as well as it can be seen from his two porn blogs that served as his main source of income before he adopted his nice guy persona: ... /index.php

In case you have doubts they are his you can see Boogie himself admitting they are his porn blogs on his official youtube channel inviting you to learn more about him throug them:

Although you’re encouraged to see the sexual deviancy and pervert thoughts of Boogie for yourself, some users have compiled highlights of quotes in image form foR your convenience (boogie selfishly blaming 9/11 victims for slow sales) ... wing_down/ text quotes you can find on his porn blog:

" is a website dedicated to being complete cockwits with the internet. We have the right to free speech and by god we plan to tie it down and rape it until they take it away.""I’m eating brussel sprouts and playing with a dildo I bought for a friend. good times."

Boogie bragging about being a pimp basically:"After a fun night at work with Wilbur, I give Boogie a ring.“I’m going to get laid tonight, find me someone to fuck.” I said.He replied, “OK then. I’ll make some phone calls.”Him bragging about having orgies:"does she know how many orgies I’ve been to? or arranged? does she know how many girls I’ve watched fuck, or fucked myself? does she know that I’m a monster?"

Boogie offering kahntent for people that like bestiality: ... irlfriend/

Boogie bothering his Ex-wife Dez after his divorce

**Talking about an ex, implying she has feelings -

Texting her at 2:30am -

Boogie Sketch about destroying effigy of ex wife -

His sugar daddy site profile -

His IG posts with a girl he met there -

He then posted a photo of his sugar baby the grave ghoul just after that with the clear intent to make Dez jealous

Remember Dez signed an NDA and she can’t legally say anything negative about Boogie.

Boogie’s Sugar babies

Boogie has, ironically, claimed that he attracts women with his niceness, ... 1282199554

The the truth is that after his divorce he has paid the services of women to be with him. Even claiming that he did it just to troll r/samandTolki. Lucy foxx and The grave ghoul are his two known sugar babies. ... on_stream/ (Boogie accidentally reveals he uses sugar day website) (boogie explicitly admitting it on his subreddit)

The Lucy foxx incident

Lucy Foxx was one the Sugar babies Boogie hired to be with him while he was still divorcing Dez. (boogie’s profile on sugar daddy website) (boogie admits hiring Lucy fox)

In this video, Lucy Foxx reveals the psychological abuse she received abuse from Boogie in their relationship

She was victim of abuse as Boogie called her “a piece of shit”. He didn’t allow her to use a phone or even work.He makes her feel guilty for not focusing on boogie. In fact he didn’t care about Lucy at all as Boogie only cared about talking, as usual, about his “problems” as a beloved youtube millionaire. ... k/e2xbj21/ (recap)

The story was covered in Drama alert. Boogie tried to paint lucy foxx as "his girlfriend" an a "gold digger" when keeemstar asked about, by omitting the fact that Boogie had hired her in the first place. Keemstar is his friend, and has called boogie a “saint” before. Notice how he throws softballs at Boogie, avoids making unconfortable questions, and he lets Boogie control the narrative. ... 7HJWde5q3g

Boogie claims he likes her ... 0384599041. But then proceeds to like these tweets calling her horrible and sociopathic: and

With the low public opinion of “e-thots” and “boob streamers”, Boogie was easily able to convince people Lucy Foxx was an evil gold digger and not another victim of his abuse.

What boogie didn’t say in that Keemstar interview: ... t1_ed4516x

Boogie supporting horrible people

a)Supporting child abusers

In this video, you can see Boogie defending “Kidbehindthecamera” a man that is a known child abuser

b) Boogie defending his father who according to him molested his sister

Then Boogie threatened to hit a woman that called him out on this. "I will knock you the fuck out," he told her.

Examples of Boogie’s harmful opinions

a) Boogie becomes an MGTOW (Men going their own way) ... hes_mgtow/

Notice how Boogie says Dez, HIS ex-wife, is amazing on Twitter, but then joins a philosophy that considers women as being evil leeches. Or just leeches for the moderate ones.

b) Liking a youtube comment calling gay people perverts

c)Arguing that gays should just wait instead of actively campaigning for gay marriage, for fear of upsetting bigots ... 1081228290

d)Ignorant comments on Anna Frank ignoring her suffering. ... d4b75511f1

e)Blaming Anita Sarkeesian for the Charlottesville attack

f)Claiming that good things came from the Holocaust.

The context of this is that he was invited to an alt right podcast and he wanted to appeal to the right-wing podcast he was in by using “4chan” humor. Boogie has admitted being a 4chan user and a troll.

Keep in mind this is also a myth as nazi experiments on human contributed nothing at all to science.

g)Saying a victim of domestic abuse should be hanged (

Examples of Boogie’s Manipulate behavior.

Boogie manipulates his fans to harass a community manager to get a free videogame

Long story short Boogie passive aggressively says he won’t promote a game because he, a millionaire, didn’t get a free code. And he implies it was because a community manager disagreed with him on tweeter and blocked him. Boogie frames the situation by implying he is a villain for ignoring poor Boogie, but he tries to hide it his ill intent by sugar coating it with things like "he must be an awesome person"

Naturally fans wanted to avenge poor Boogie.This is what he wanted.

Boogie then deleted the tweet and backed down after being called on it ... 2375601152

Fans say in his defense “he can’t control his fans”. But he sure can paint a target for them

b)Boogie show is true color in a stream.

Long story short, Actual Jake and his partner were critiquing Boogie on twitch. Boogie joined to defend himself and he made clear as water how he manipulates people.

1.-Boogie threatened to kill his dog over an argument (he often uses Sammy for sympathy points)

2.-Passive aggressive insults

Claiming he would never call insults even to “even his worst enemies”

But then backhandedly calling his opponent a "neckbeard cuck". Because direct insults go against his youtube persona.


Boogie is known to blame a mental condition known as “dissasociation” whenever he is being an asshole ... sociation/

However there is no evidence, beyond his words, that a doctor ever gave such diagnosis and instead serves as a convenient excuse. He calls it “explanation not excuse”. But in practice there is no difference between “explanation” and “excuse” for him.

d) Boogie’s manipulative pattern on twitter has predictable steps. (Long story short boogie often says something dumb and then threatens suicide or use his dog as a distraction to avoid criticism.)

E)Boogie made his wife sign a non disclosure agreement

In the PK podcast ...

NDA’s are signed when there are things to hide which explains why Dez has been awfully quiet on their relationship or any psychological, not physical, abusive behavior of his.

f) 3 hours of boogie being abusive trough twitter DMs g) Boogie implying his wife is racist ...

h)Part of the H3 interview, near the start he admits his wife was walking on eggshells around him out of fear.

I) Boogie threatening to kill himself after losing debates

He threatened to kill himself after a game journalist called him out on women's treatmen on games. i) ii) Complains people made a well farecheck on him after WoTC banned him for saying guys shouldn't have fought for their rights.

This is boogie talking about the welfare check in question:

Boogie’s Id unleashed, and other questionable behavior

Boogie’s nice guy facade takes a toll on him. As such you can often see him express his real opinions outside his carefully planned youtube persona. Mainly on twitch and his Francis persona. The "it's just a character charade falls apart once you notice Francis happens to complain about things about Boogie's life.

Boogie talking about his ex-wife (he's parodying how 4chan talks about him being cucked, but still unnecessarily crude and insensitive towards Dez):

boogie humps his bed repeatedly on stream: (one for him and one for his hooker he says).

boogie cries about being called "boogie1488", then later titles his stream "DADDY NEEDS SHEKELS", a reference to the anti-semitic "happy merchant" meme:

boogie imitates oral sex on a woman while choking her:

boogie displays complete ignorance of female anatomy while grotesquely performing oral sex ASMR to an audience of young fans - excerpt:

boogie describes cutting woman's clitoris with a scalpel - excerpt:

Boogie making a distasteful joke about being all hard, as in having a boner in tik tok. You know that social network used mostly by teenagers and kids

Awkwardly propositioning a female YouTuber under the guise of “Francis using his account”. ... 6037287939

sketch about destroying effigy of ex-wife - (part 1) and 2)

Boogie says he would molest his children if he had them

Boogie making fun of his first girl and how she died of "double cancer"

Boogie’s General Lies

Boogie says he needs money, but then reveals he is actually rich. And greedy

Boogie claims he desperately needs money. He says that he is barely surviving and he would need to work in retail “again” to survive as if the money he gets from donations, sponsors and ad revenue wasn’t enough for him to live. (on twitter) ... vygwxwH54M (youtube) (back up) (back up)

In this unlisted video, Boogie is e-begging for his patreon because he "needs peace of mind for his family" ... w_tKUdINbk (back up)

But then he also brags about having 6 figures and even pays himself an expensive vacation to Disneyland, and also calls makes fun, of anyone that might think he is in need of money ... 3307666432

He also bragged about making 6 figures on a stream:

b) Patreon lies

Boogie claims he opened a patreon in part to finance a podcast project (not his big stack one) and to have enough money to survive.

But then offers literally nothing to his patrons, even admitting he will use the money to buy toys. It's just a lazy excuse to receive money.

"This is the highest tier and is the same as previous tiers only you have decided you hate money and want to burn quite a lot of it on my collectible card game addiction. :) JOIN $100 TIER"

Memology’s Videos on boogie

Memology is one of the few YouTubers that isn’t afraid of exposing boogie’s behavior. Check them out! ... Q2XD5Lvdqz

Weight Loss Lies

Being morbidly obese is a poor life style that is ill-adviced , but one an adult like Boogie is free to make

The issue here is that hee constantly baits his viewers that genuinely worry about his health giving them false hope that he will be better. But it's just a cheap manipulative tactic to get views and money because he never changes. He also constantly lies to his audience about making an effort to change, and they take this as an inspiration because they fall for his lies. This manipulative behaviour of his viewers is what is being criticized not his poor life choices. ... _of_clean/ ... o_healthy/ ... _of_clean/ ... t_i_asked/

boogie makes up excuses for being genetically unable to lose weight, claims that doctors haven't been able to figure it out ... n_i_had_a/

boogie shows cans of soda on stream after making a "my last soda video":, the next day claims they were for his "friends": ... yesterday/

boogie eats a bite of cake then throws the rest away ... tensifies/, less than 3 days after claiming he was going on a ketogenic diet ... 0504965120. Why was he even taking a bite of cake in the first place? He claims on the H3H3 podcast that he's done this several times, saying that after the surgery the stuff doesn't even taste good and he throws it out. So why does he keep doing it?

The biggest weight lost Boogie has had is when he had a weight los surgery. But he has had little progress since as he has continued to overeat. (boogie admits he failed his 30 day "clean eating" challenge

B) Other Failed weight loss proyects

1.- Diamond Dallas, a legendary trainer flew to Boogie's house and offered to personally train Boogie. As it can be seen by the fact Boogie still eats junk food, boogie bailed out on him.

2.- Boogie had a secondary challenge that was suppsoed torecorded his progress. Never heard of it before? Exactly.

Minor Criticism

It's easy to dismiss some of the criticism as “petty” as an excuse to dismiss the major things. So this section is for those.

Lack of real opinions. He always panders to “both sides” or is religiously centrist out of cowardice. In the end if all your opinions say that everything is both good and bad, you aren't really saying anything.

Boogie’s videos are often poorly edited, often obviously done in one take

Essays from disappointed fans finding the truth ... thinks_he/ ... o_alike_s/ ... _cant_win/ ... oogie2988/ ... od_person/ ... ll/e0tpiqv

Final thoughts

The sad truth is that this post barely scratches the surface. r/samandtolki keeps an eye on Boogie's unethical behaviour. Feel free to be around to keep up on the news or ask for details and questions.

Boogie takes great care in hiding this information. But, If the truth is your enemy, then are you really the good guy?
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Also Lupa’s grandmother? Please, we know that hag was alive and well back then. She’s like the dude from Highlander, only a cunt.

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Re: Boogie: The Fats of our Lives

Post by drisko » Sat Mar 25, 2017 11:47 pm

I still say 45, health care may be expensive in America but he's got that internet money and fan base.

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Re: Boogie: The Fats of our Lives

Post by Livy » Sat Mar 25, 2017 11:51 pm

*blocks your forum*


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Re: Boogie: The Fats of our Lives

Post by Rushy » Sat Mar 25, 2017 11:57 pm

Holy shit.


He's literally bigger than Baron Harkonnen.

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Re: Boogie: The Fats of our Lives

Post by BigBootyDaddy » Sun Mar 26, 2017 12:32 am

I have read he's getting a surgery. Does somebody know more?
This reminds me of my father's last words: "Don't son, that gun is loaded!"

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Re: Boogie: The Fats of our Lives

Post by Kugelfisch » Sun Mar 26, 2017 1:16 am

Not even Slenderman could give him a full hug!
Psalm 137:9

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Re: Boogie: The Fats of our Lives

Post by progfan777 » Sun Mar 26, 2017 1:52 am

Livy wrote:*blocks your forum*

Wew lad. He tried the invisible sandwich diet and it didn't work because he just ate bigger sandwiches.

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Re: Boogie: The Fats of our Lives

Post by Yes » Sun Mar 26, 2017 2:11 am

progfan777 wrote:
Livy wrote:*blocks your forum*

Wew lad. He tried the invisible sandwich diet and it didn't work because he just ate bigger sandwiches.
His diet of air sandwiches clearly didn't work because the air around him contains more fat than anything you can put in a real sandwich.
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Re: Boogie: The Fats of our Lives

Post by Kugelfisch » Sun Mar 26, 2017 2:25 am

I pity the doctor that has to pretend to give a fuck about the bastard. He fucked up so much for so long you can't possibly have sympathy with him if you're not brain-damaged.
Psalm 137:9

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Re: Boogie: The Fats of our Lives

Post by rabidtictac » Sun Mar 26, 2017 3:52 am

Rushy wrote:Holy shit.


He's literally bigger than Baron Harkonnen.
Harkonnen wasn't that fat by Burger Current Year standards.
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