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Re: Pat the NES Cunt

Post by VoiceOfReasonPast » Sat Aug 15, 2020 6:48 am

>implying evidence is necessary for rape allegations
Autism attracts more autism. Sooner or later, an internet nobody will attract the exact kind of fans - and detractors - he deserves.
-Yours Truly

Cucked in the name of Soy, Ye not complicit.

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Re: Pat the NES Cunt

Post by Complicity » Sat Aug 15, 2020 7:03 pm

Vaporwear wrote:
Sat Aug 15, 2020 1:12 am
Does anybody give a flying fuck?
I'm just waiting for the day i will read "Pat is torn apart by a pack of rabid pitbulls" in one of these updates.

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Re: Pat the NES Cunt

Post by Salmonella » Sat Aug 15, 2020 7:06 pm

You know what else is a grind that is no fun? A real job. But in the real world you don't keep getting paid if you stop working.

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Re: Pat the NES Cunt

Post by VoiceOfReasonPast » Sun Aug 16, 2020 7:14 am

And that's what's wrong with this capitalist society.
Autism attracts more autism. Sooner or later, an internet nobody will attract the exact kind of fans - and detractors - he deserves.
-Yours Truly

Cucked in the name of Soy, Ye not complicit.

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Re: Pat the NES Cunt

Post by BobbyBoucher » Tue Sep 08, 2020 12:22 am

Another update in the life and times of Pat the China Simp and Ian "Fairy" Ferguson. They are actually slightly negative on the Polymega for once.

At first it was just a joke, but I think Pat might actually have had a vasectomy. When people suggested he have a child, he said he'd have to adopt, not marry.

Episodes 223 to 226. Only saw one of Pat's 80s streams in-between because it's clearly designed to torture prisoners.

Amico Saga:
  • They spend 40 minutes talking about the Amico presentation. Their dumbest comments:
    • Say the coverage [by other media] is unenthusiastic, therefore Pat & Ian aren't "haters".
    • They talk about Spades game, they think it's running on a cell phone. (It's a dev environment simulating the Amico, the phones have controller apps.)
    • They say brand partners are just businesses arrangements involving exchange of money that anyone can do. (Right, so "business partners".)
    • 53:00 "Can we just call Tommy a liar at this point," because Tommy's leaning on Intellivision nostalgia.
    • Pat complains J. Allard isn't seen anywhere in this presentation so either he walked or was fired by Tommy.
    • Tommy shows off board and other components. Pat says Tommy critically doesn't boot from power off, but starts from sleep. Suspects that it could an Android emulator.
      • Says starting from no power is important since it would reveal if there were a text console with commands.
      • Pat then mentions the open job listings for firmware and something else that were supposed to be for accessories.
      • Smugly says a firmware developer would be helpful in getting a system to boot.
      • (Pat apparently thinks you need a firmware developer to install Linux on a Raspberry Pi. Or it's to hide "console input".)
      • (I'm not sure why he thinks it's Android when Unity compiles for Linux.)
      • (Also, the motherboard is a lot larger than a Banana Pi. Pat didn't comment about that.)
    • Pat says the contrivirus delay is a lie since the VCS is still coming out.
    • Ian says people say they went easy on the VCS. (No, it was Polymega you fucking idiots.)
    • Pat's "professional opinion" is that an investor pulled out earlier in the year and they are scrambling for money. Says the 12,000 preorders on fig are miniscule.
    • Pat gives a 30% chance it comes out in April.
    • Pat says he doesn't know if GameStop will be around in a year.
    • Ian calls Earthworm Jim guy a piece of shit. Pat says Intellivision is trying to distance themselves.
      • "Doge, you're a piece of shit," Ian says as if Doge is listening.
      • (Near as I can tell, he made anti-BLM/LGBT remarks. He also got into fights with SJWs and Comicsgate.)
      • (If true, based. He's also run several successful crowdfunding campaigns.)
    • (All this shit is over a console whose target audience is 4-8 years old.)
  • ep 226 intro, Amico has opening for firmware/software.
    • It's for controllers.
    • Pat sarcastically says it was ready to go by the fall.
    • Pat claims they've lost people during this.
    • (Given Tommy is making a toy, it might be additional controllers/toys.)
    • (On AtariAge, Tommy says they've had a few full time firmware guys working over a year, and have teams of firmware people around the world.)
  • Masked Guy had a podcast about Pat & Ian's reaction to Amico event:
    • The only thing notable is that one of the guests says he met Pat & Ian at Portland Retro Gaming.
    • It was one of the most the deflating experiences of his life. (About 1:16:15 in)
    • Was fan of Pat. Pat was dismissive.
    • Followed Pat through the Game Chasers.
  • Retro Advisory Board did a video attacking Pat and Ian. Only two important items:
    • 36:08 Says every Amico segment performed above average. Pat is click-baiting.
    • 38:50 "Patreon-only video access." That audio is on the normal podcast. Pat's selling non-exclusive content.
  • In the 3 billion gamers segment, Pat apparently said certain CEOs don't understand statistics. (I somehow missed this.)
    • Tommy responded on AtariAge. He has access to the report and says Pat is full of shit.

Other notable items:
  • ep 224, Ian had birthday, is now a 38 year-old drug addict who works a high school job.
  • During a tales from the game store, some guy tries to sell porn to Ian, saying "you don't look like a fairy."
  • In a tweet, Ian justifies ACAB, saying it took 24 hours to get a cop to file a police report about someone dumping heroin needles on the sidewalk.
    • (Not a violent crime, not a priority. Ian's an expert on drug use, he knows how to dispose of them properly.)
  • Ian "I can't afford health insurance" Ferguson orders Analogue Pocket
    • He stayed up to 3:00 AM to order it. Bank rejected it. Had to use app to approve previous transactions.
    • Pat says he understands a 9 month delay because of the contrivirus situation, thus making him look like a hypocrite on the Amico.
    • Both say they like the design, saying it's a modernized look that combines the GBA and Game Boy. (This design already exists. See Retrogame 300.)
  • Historical fiction arthor uses Zelda recipe for red dye.
    • Ian calls John Boyne a "transphobic piece of trash."
    • Author owned up and said "my bad." (Aboud Zelda, not trannies.)
    • Book is called A Traveler at the Gates of Wisdom.
  • Trump threatens Tencent/Wechat.
    • Pat sighs.
    • Pat wonders if this is retaliation for the Tulsa rally. Called it a "national embarassment."
    • Pat says Executive Orders are easily challenged. Pat predicts it'll get tossed.
    • Pat says Trump just attacks China to please his base. (Wonder if slave labor made Pat's book? ... rs-muslims)
    • (Pat is apparently now an expert on congressional law and banning foreign firms.)
    • (Nothing to worry about a fascist government controlling social media and crafting propaganda.)
    • On a stream, Pat says China took back the pandas "because of our shitty government."
  • Neither pat nor ian know why 25 years old is the cut-off age when renting a car. [Because insurance stats say drivers under 25 are likely to get into an accident.]
  • ep 225, Someone offered an NBA Jam to Pat and it's shipping. (Not sure if he paid for it or what.)
    • Ian wants his own for his apartment.
    • ($200+ for an Analogue Pocket. $400 for Arcade1Up NBA Jam. $0 for health insurance. Ian's a good consoomer.)
  • Pot wonders why Transformers is more popular than GI Joe.
    • Acknowledges the average age of GI Joe/He-Man fan is 41.
    • Says GI Joe "is written for adults".
  • ep 225, they are somewhat negative on Polymega.
    • Say there are more competing products than when it was announced.
    • They note it's been four years and went from FPGA to emulation. (Just like Coleco Chameleon.)
    • Originally supposed to have N64 emulation, Pat says that was a longshot.
      • Says he and his writers are finding out that N64 emulation requires a high-end GPU to replicate the graphics accurately.
    • Pat says people were requesting an update "almost every week."
      • "It's in beta testing, I have no idea." (Completely ignores terrible management and delayed launched. He wouldn't let Tommy get away with this shit.)
    • Pat also said the Polymega has 1 terabyte of storage. (No, 32 GB.)
  • playdate console
    • Ian says Game of Thrones was the last show that had a weekly release and didn't dump all episodes at once. Says it got people into a conversation.
      • (I guess he means "important shows in nerd culture" because network TV still works on a weekly release.)
      • (The Mandalorian released on a weekly schedule, so he's wrong there.)
    • Pat bullish on Playdate because of the crank. Says it makes it more of a toy.
    • Ian says it's not trying to "disrupt markets." (Possible Amico jab.)
    • Say the product has been demonstrated. Pat says there are no job postings for developers. (Definite Amico jab.)
  • DC Fandome
    • Pat opens "alright Left-wing Ian, let's see what's next."
    • They seem to think it was okay and may consoome some product.
    • Pat complains the Nolan movies are crime dramas and not detective stories.
    • Pat happy next Batman movie doesn't use Joker.
    • Says Suicide Squad movie is using D-list characters. Would never see Marvel do that, says Pat.
    • Superman as bad guy is lazy as shit, says Ian on the new Suicide Squad game.
    • Avengers game looks horrible, they say.
    • Flashpoint is coming with Ben Affleck.
      • "Affleck is okay as Batman from what I've seen," says Pat. (Has he seen these movies or not?)
    • Snyder cut.
      • They say it's not actually the Snyder cut because it's longer than the 3 hour+ cut Snyder wanted.
      • They say four 1-hour episodes means it's a series and not a movie. "They're trying to extract as much money from fanboys." (HBO charges monthly, so it doesn't matter.)
      • Pat says it's going to be padded and end awkwardly each episode. "They'll be scraping the barrel [for footage]." (Movie might have been 4 acts. It was supposedly two movies. The assembly cut was 5 hours long.)
    • Snyder says it's not for kids.
      • Pat says "Comic books exist because of kids and children."
      • Says comic book movies should be for everyone. Says "it's not Watchmen." (Check out the Dark Knight Returns animated movie, based on the 80s comic.)
      • They blame fanboys who want "mature" stories.
      • Snyder said to a critic "you're not in the demographic." Pat says that sounds like someone else. (Amico again.)
  • Switch Pro coming.
    • Ian says he knows people who swapped out old Switch for one with better battery life. (Pat thought about doing this.)
    • Pat says you don't need longer battery life if playing at home.
    • 4k output possible.
      • Pat says it's been 3.5 years and the Tegra chip technology has gotten better.
      • (The games will not be rendered in 4k. They'll likelly be upscaled. Even PS5/Series X will probably do this.)
      • (Tegra Xavier can produce up to 1400 gflops. That's low-end these days and won't do 4k gaming.)
      • (New Nvidia cards announced and they look to clobber the consoles.)
    • Pat says his friend Josh said Nintendo might try to reduce the number of components.
    • Pat says that the contrivirus must be disrupting supply lines and making it harder to make things. (Does not extend this to the Amico.)
    • He then reads the article which says resources have been freed up with the drop in demand for cell phones.
    • Pat says he didn't know about the drop in demand for phones. (He doesn't read any business or tech sites?)

Ian (Re)Tweets:

drama (even more Amico!):
  • ep 223, Amico announcement delayed.
    • They notice release date on GameStop moved back.
    • They mocking says it's sure to come out on the 10th.
    • They says it's highly unprofessional to cancel an advertised stream 10 minutes before it starts.
    • Ian says they're not a real company.
    • They then read comments from Atari Age where people were annoyed.
    • They couldn't play the Moon Patrol game because it was only released on Android and they both use iOS devices.
      • Pat says he could use his Android burner.
      • (Ian can't afford health insurance, yet buys Apple products.)
      • (Pat probably uses his free Mint Mobile account with his Android phone.)
      • (They also seem unaware Android emulators exist.)
    • Pat complains about YouTube channels that attack Pat and defend the Amico. Says they're just trying to build themselves up.
    • They say these are mobile games that should just be on phones.
  • ep 223, scumbag seller: Galloping Ghost Table Top 15,000-in-1 machine for $70. From Tatami website.
    • Looking at some clone tabletop arcades, they saw the $165 one has $133 shipping. Say that's Amico pricing there.

  • Someone fined for breaking quarantine to play Pokemon Go in Victoria, Australia.
    • Say the US should have crackdowns like that.
    • Ian slips up and calls it the "coronavirus". (Prepare for demonetization.)
    • They complain about people not wearing masks. Pat went to Mitch's for food and saw some teenager smoking.
    • They note Australia has had an uptick. (So has Japan. It's almost like the contrivirus is unstoppable.)
  • ep 223, They end the podcast saying their passports are trash since only two European countries are willing to take American visitors. (Due to the riots Pat and Ian supported.)
  • Ian says it's never been easier to sell $300 PS1 RPGs like Persona or Valkyrie Profile due to stimulus. (I have no clue why people don't just emulate this shit.)

consume product (pat hates on Venom, Analogue Pocket, GI Joe):
  • Spiderman exclusive to PS4/5 on some Marvel game.
    • Pat hopes Mobius tanks. "I'm so disappointed you all went out and saw Venom."
    • They say Venom's entire success was due to people jokingly watching it. People hearing it was bad and wanting to see how bad it was. (82% on Rotten Tomatoes says they're wrong.)
    • Pat is upset Spiderman is still in Sony's hands. Was worried Spiderman 3 wasn't going to happen due to the Disney-Sony dispute.
    • Both like Miles Morales movie.
  • Analogue Pocket sells out
    • Ian "I can't afford health insurance" Ferguson was up at 3:00 AM to order it.
    • Says he ordered it, but then his bank blocked the transaction.
    • Had to go through his bank phone app to approve a bunch of previous transactions.
    • Reordered, but forgot the Sega Game Gear adapter or something. (Think he got other accessories.)
    • He had thought it would be an open preorder, but something nagged at him.
    • They then complain it wasn't an open preorder.
    • Pat says he understands a 9 month delay because of the contrivirus situation, thus making him look like a hypocrite on the Amico.
    • Both say they like the design, saying it's a modernized look that combines the GBA and Game Boy. (This design already exists. See Retrogame 300.)
  • GI Joe Blackout announced
    • Pat says it was the first diverse cartoon in the 80s.
    • Says it had the best voice acting.
    • Pat claims GI Joe is treated liked garbage. and gets no respect versus transformers.
      • "Because it's militaristic and pro-military," says Pat.
      • "It was written for adults," he says.
      • [Because transformers has worldwide appeal across generations. GI Joe is stuck in the 80s.]
    • Pat admits the average age of a He-Man fan is 41.
    • Says GI Joe fans are only a few years behind.
    • (Transformers has had multiple series, some Japan-only.)
  • ep 226, q&a: top 5 favorite movies
    • Ian: Alien, Aliens, Halloween, Mean Girls, and Bloodsport.
    • Pat: Aliens, Glory, Predator, Empire Strikes Back, and Caddyshack.
    • Pat says Gettsyburg is "romanticized trash." Claims Glory is historically accurate.
    • On Predator, Pat says you see the comraderie that guys in the military have.
    • On Empire Strikes Back, Pat says it's his favorite "genre film".
      • Says it has the best lightsaber fight of all the movies.
      • Says it took risks because of it's "bad ending", by which he means downer ending.
      • Says the characters now all have negative characteristics and Luke loses his fight.
    • Pat says he'll come up with a fifth favorite movie even though he named five movies.

actual games:
  • q&a what are games you are embarrassed to be a fan of?
    • Ian loves shitty slot machine games.
      • Eventually gets to that Ian loves fidget spinners.
      • Has a Corona beer fidget spinner. They kept saying "corona" over and over.
    • Pat says Lesiure Suit Larry, especially Love for Sail.
    • Pat also says he played a lot of Video Strip Poker.
    • Also admits he played hentai games at one time.
      • Ian complains about the player character being a skeevy/sleazy guy.
  • ep 224, Pat goes to a swap meet.
    • Says hopeful about masks. Woman wasn't screaming at people to wear them.
    • Saw an Arcade1-Up NBA Jam machine (with WiFi) for $200. Looked inside box, most was sealed.
    • Says he hasn't had good luck with used items, except for video cameras.
    • Buys it for $200, takes home, turns out it is a Galaga which retails for less.
    • He rushes back to the swap meet and is able to return the item for his money.
      • Says he was ready for a confrontation/incident if seller refused a return.
    • Says he might've kept it if it were a Missile Command.
    • Speculates it might've been a scam return to Walmart.
    • Ian points out he should've notice it had only one joystick.
    • Pat has/had a four player Mame cabinet.
  • RetroPocket 2 announced
    • Pat says he was never into emulation handhelds. Says that's why he has a 3DS flashcat.
    • Pat says he and Ian could play multiplayer. (This was after Ian dropped $200 on an Analogue Pocket.)
  • virtual boy turns 25
    • Neither pat nor ian know why 25 years old is the cut-off age when renting a car. [Because insurance stats say drivers under 25 are likely to get into an accident.]
    • Pat's cousins got it instead of a game they ordered via catalog/phone. Kept it because it was worth more. Cousins had all video game systems.
    • Pat surprise at how high price has risen.
    • Pat bought his first time at a flea market in San Diego. He has rental case. Played it 5 or 6 times.
    • They say the price dropped to $50 after a few months, so the stores took a loss. (It's likely Nintendo had to cover the loss, so the stores lost nothing.)
    • Tangent: TV on GBA.
      • Pat brings up he tried his Turbo Express TV tuner and got weird results.
      • Ian says numbers stations freak him out.
      • Pat didn't know what a numbers station was.
  • Chippo64 - recorded for Uplink convention. Pat says he'd like one, questions price of $950.
  • q&a what happens to your collection when you die.
    • Ian says create list for vonnie to sell. Mostly records, though he has some PC Engine stuff.
    • Pat says create list for his family to sell.
      • Says his NWC carts dwarf the value of the rest of his collection.
      • Says M82 demo unit is worth $3-4k.
  • apple vs epic
    • Surprisingly, they don't suck Apple's cock.
    • Ian says an iPhone is the only Apple product he owns.
    • Ian says a lower cut would help his developer friends.
    • Pat says it's like EGS where the lower cut is win-win.
    • Apple threatened to kick Epic and the Unreal engine off Mac OS X. (If that's not illegal, I don't know what is.)
    • Pat wonders where the 30% started.
    • Pat says iOS/app store is a monopoly.
  • Epic vs Apple update: They claim to have predicted restraining order preventing third parties getting kicked off Mac OS X/iOS. (I don't remember that.)
  • ep 225, q&a which classic PC games should be remade.
    • Ian says Light Speed or Hyperspeed.
      • Says Light Speed is hard to emulate.
      • Says similar to Elite or Privateer.
      • Pat may have played Light Speed.
    • Ian also says text parser graphic adventure games.
    • Pat says X-Wing and TIE Fighter.
    • Ian also says first person dungeon crawlers like Wizardry.
      • Pat says he hates those games.
  • Study says there are 3 billion gamers.
    • They are surprised at number of PC gamers.
    • Study says cell phones power growth. [Because a good chunk of the population is too poor to own a console or PC.]
    • Pat says people don't understands statistics. Says average is useless, median matters.
    • Pat subscribes to Apple Arcade.
    • Someone in comments said they were made fun of for playing games in '92 or something.
      • Ian says he doesn't see that anywhere or even back then.
      • Say "gamers aren't oppressed".
      • There was also some troll comment by "some liberal" that made fun of Witcher 3 or something.
    • Says older people might not understand games.
    • above 60 might be foreign to you.
    • Frank played games in 70s but stopped.
    • Thanksgiving story.
    • Pat says his mother used to send him news stories about games.
  • Win95 anniversary
    • Ian went friend to get. Later OS/2 Warp. Pat doesn't recognize it.
    • Pat says you had to be a mechanic to use a computer. "Win95 dumbed it down."
    • "Imagine if your tablet crashed while using an app."
    • Pat had Microsoft Network and used Comic Chat. Said it was cool.
      • Used in '94, '95.
      • Doesn't think it lasted more than 3-4 years because there were so many mom and pop ISPs.
    • They say Win95 doesn't have much of a gaming legacy since few games ran it exclusively. Most ran on DOS.
  • Burger King advertises on Twitch via TTS
    • TLDR Burger Kangz bad.
    • Ian calls it gross.
    • Pat somewhat okay with it, but calls them out for making a video of streamer reactions.
    • Complain this could affect contracts with competitors like McDonalds.
  • Netlix High Score
    • Pat was sent it early and saw a chunk of it.
    • Ian saw first episode.
    • They say it is both surface level and esoteric. Upset they didn't mention Ralph Baer or someone.
    • Say it's likely because they only got a handful of people and crafted the documentary around that.
    • Pat says he might do something similar with his own series. (I hope it's just a hyopothetical and he's not planning something.)
  • SNK MVSX arcades
    • They complain about the price because SNK owns all the IP so doesn't need to negotiate for it.
    • Pat says he has an MVS machine being fixed at Chris and Bobby's or something.
    • Pat says the Player Start button probably doesn't work since it would cost too much
      • They say other things might not work like game select, marquee won't light up, and coin slot.
      • (Player Start and Game Select look like simple buttons easy to connect to the PCB.)
  • scumbag seller: retrodrive
    • Complain price, it's too expensive.
    • There are fake reviews. Pat says it would be unwise to use your real name and picture to review an illegal product. (Sellers are arrested for copyright violation, not buyers.)
    • Pat says RetroPi is for people a little more technically savvy. (Just an image installation onto an SD card.)
  • Switch sells 60 million.
    • Rag on doubters again, big YouTubers and games journalists. Pat says "fuck you all." "Your arrogance."
    • Ian says used switches are selling for slightly over retail.
    • Pat says Clubhouse Games is his GOTY. (Probably only game he's played this year.)
  • iam8bit battletoads reprocart
    • Pat and Ian say the game is terrible.
      • Pat says other versions are better. Ian says all of them suck.
      • They complain that the gameplay changes each level and there's no time learn skills.
      • Pat says it would have been better as a straight Beat 'Em Up.
    • Pat surprised it sold old so quickly. Thought it would still be up 4 days later.
      • Ian says this was timed with the new game.
      • Pat says it's Zoomers buying up the retro carts. (He can't stand being wrong, so he invents lies.)

pat being pat/Ian insanity:
  • pat open ep 224, saying "vidya games".
  • ep 224, tales from the game store - raptor attack.
    • Ian keeps the receipt for his first legal purchase of marijuana from 2009.
      • Pat says that was back he got lasik.
    • TLDR Raptor gets into store. It can't get out, bangs against windows.
    • Ian made makeshift cardboard armor, went back and opened door.
    • It then escaped through whatever small opening it had entered from.
  • tales from games store: seedy guy with trashbag of moist PS2 games.
    • from 2006/2007, Ian new to store/industry.
    • Guy tries to sell PS2 games, one has porn it it.
      • Ian hands it back.
      • Guy gives it back saying "you don't look like a fairy".
    • Guy says he was just at the beach, apparently using metal detector to find stuff.
    • Ian thinks this why games were moist. Says they were sandy.
    • Guy gives business card that says he invented the 3D camera.
    • Pat says he seems like an anti-mask person. Says "muh rights" in a mocking tone.
  • ep 225 intro, Ian painted his nails in high school. (Of course.)
  • ep 225 intro, mario's nipples
    • Pat says Mario must dye his hair since his head and mustache are different colors. (That actually happens.)
  • ep 226, Miller high life ad read. Ian says he drank one while doing gardening in his backyard, he corrects himself to front porch.
  • Ian went for Jury duty, but got out because there was jury tampering.
  • q&a what would a CU Podcast cruise look like.
    • In reference to some WWE cruise.
    • They say they'd hold a live podcast, of course.
    • They'd have arcade machines.
    • There'd be "pizzas from around the word." Including, "Chicago, New York, Buffalo, Jersey."
      • Pat then disputes that Chicago pizza isn't pizza.
    • That's about it.
    • (These guys shouldn't entertain fantasies when the podcast will be dead in two years.)

Notes from a single stream:
  • Pat will have a sale whenever he does one of these streams.
  • That woman Pat skipped out on for streaming hasn't contacted him again. "No sex for me," says Pat. (I assumed he had a girlfriend, guess not.)
  • Pat says he had hundres of extra NES games a few years ago, but now only has 20-30 extrs. (in response to a question about bathing in them for a joke OnlyFans account.)
  • Pat joked about him not being a gamer despite writing books about it and playing NES games. (What if Roger Ebert only reviewed movies from the '30s and '40s?)
  • He prefers Almond Joys to Mounds.
  • Cosby pudding or other commercial. Pat makes joke about putting something in it and passing out.
  • Panda/zoo commercial. Pat says China took back the pandas "because of our shitty government."
  • Boomer Pat sad about James Garner's death and says Rockford Files is classic.
  • Pat upset at lack of sexualized commercials.
  • Pat says he doesn't like Butterfingers or Baby Ruths. Says they destroy your teeth.

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Re: Pat the NES Cunt

Post by Guest » Tue Sep 08, 2020 8:58 am

Vaporwear wrote:
Sat Aug 15, 2020 6:06 am
Dehbashi wrote:
Sat Aug 15, 2020 2:27 am
I want to talk about Dr. Disrespect and the stupidity behind he must have done something so bad. Funny part is that it's more likely the opposite. Twitch is being so vague because they know the ban was bullshit. People would understand if it was really serious but they know they can't justify it.
I wouldn’t be surprised if some top dude looked at what they were actually contractually obligated to pay Dr. Disrespect and immediately freaked the fuck out. It could be a situation where breaking contract would be cheaper in the long run them paying him whatever millions he was entitled to.

That or he like, raped a bunch of women, but don’t have any evidence to back that? Honestly that seems unlikely, usually the whole “sexual harassment” shit gets leaked pretty quickly. I dunno, maybe he groped a chick that works at Twitch and that got him terminated but no one wants to mention it yet because they’re powering up their lawyer levels? Maybe? I dunno.

If you lost millions of dollars due to being banned by a company you had a contract with and weren't told why would you?

A) Sue them.

B) Raise hell in the media about it.

C) Go Radio silent and do nothing, basically pretend like it never happened outside the occasional internet nobody claims of panic attacks.

He damn well knows what he did and he doesn't want it to get out. Twitch isn't talking because it's probably something they held on to until mixer was about to die and it was convenient to get rid of him.

So it's just a case of mutually assured destruction if either of them talk or if he files a lawsuit and everything has to be public. Dude is probably a pedophile like JewWario.

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Re: Pat the NES Cunt

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It has to be something he did, they did him a favor because he was so closely connected to twitch's brand for so long, it would do them no good to help him fall in favor of... whatever unimportant bitch he probably "wronged". Both sides are playing dumb.

As for what he did, I think something like raping a little boy at Twitch's headquarters, or plain, old, boring seducing a sexy young girl, who's willing to whore out for some of that fame money, it very likely. He already cheated on his wife before, it's only a matter of time that he did it again.

Or some tranny at Twitch staff didn't like his "macho" persona and found him too toxic, and somehow, that was accepted as a sound decision :lol: I don't know about this, so far, they only let trannies bully their viewers as moderators, but sooner or later, the crazy people will infect the higher circles.

By the way, BobbyBoucher, just so you know, this is deeply autistic. You took a podcast of two of the most boring people alive, and you're making a very detailed transcription. I'm getting desperate and restless just reading the first two lines in a long fucking list, I'm already thinking about jumping out of a window to feel something exciting in my life again... if you're gonna bother writing all that shit down, at least try to make some compact and dramatic version of it. Nobody is going to check if it's true or not... trust me.

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Re: Pat the NES Cunt

Post by Guest » Tue Sep 08, 2020 6:43 pm

Imagine being retarded enough to not only sit through one of Pat's podcasts, but write about it in detail afterwards as if anyone gives a shit. Maximum autism.

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Moe Bitches
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Re: Pat the NES Cunt

Post by Moe Bitches » Tue Sep 08, 2020 7:38 pm

I'm all for people going all out on something they like, but this is too autistic even for me.

This really implies that these two idiots are the only ones you focus on and the sheer amount of detail that would make fucking Ayn Rand cry from beyond the grave. This shit is the definition of filler. Like saying Pat he likes video poker. Like who the hell cares?

It's not about what he likes, it's about if it's relevant to him or not. I don't give a shit about if he likes Video Poker unless it adds to his character.

If you hear Voice and other notable people here (including myself) talk about hentai and explain it, you would get that hey, they are men of culture but also weird fucks.

You gotta try really hard to get anyone hear to care about Pat, especially as much as you seem to putting all this effort in for no reason.
"I just feel that stating an obvious joke could get tired sometimes so I try to make something else out of it to the point where it's not a joke, rendering it not funny. It is no joke to be blind/seeing nothing but darkness."

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Re: Pat the NES Cunt

Post by rabidtictac » Tue Sep 08, 2020 8:35 pm

I like those posts. We're all autistic sperges here. One DHI poster can hardly call out another one for sperging too much about an IN. Bet most of you fucks have sperged at a comparable level about something on here. If not in a single post, then in combined quality KHANtent.

Trimming the fat would make it easier to read though.
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