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Re: Pat the NES Cunt

Post by Guest » Wed Aug 28, 2019 6:12 am

I'm a eurofag, so i wondered if there was like a discogs but for pinball machines or sumthing like that.

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Re: Pat the NES Cunt

Post by da PAC Nigguh » Wed Aug 28, 2019 3:32 pm

Is Spoony dead yet?

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Re: Pat the NES Cunt

Post by Carn » Wed Aug 28, 2019 8:29 pm

Why does he refer to himself in the third person?

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Re: Pat the NES Cunt

Post by Guest » Wed Aug 28, 2019 11:58 pm

Carn wrote:
Wed Aug 28, 2019 8:29 pm
Why does he refer to himself in the third person?
Because even he doesn't want to associate himself with his self.

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Re: Pat the NES Cunt

Post by Guest » Thu Aug 29, 2019 12:25 am

BobbyBoucher wrote:
Mon Aug 26, 2019 3:28 am

[/list][*]q&a does pat ever deal with trolls in real life
  • says he's encounted rude/drunk/trolls a dozen times.
  • only reason people troll is that there's something wrong in their lives, he says.
  • someone named albert einstein approached him "meekly" and asked to be unbanned
    • said he didn't know what he did to deserve banning on youtube.
  • jay had to threaten to fight someone in real life at some convention
    • pat says he's prepared to fight. "is this a mutual combat state?" he asks
    • Pat "fight me in real life" contri
  • [jesus christ pat, people for hundreds of years have trolled each other using the written word]
    • people used to send insulting letters responding to magazines/newspapers
The guy Pat wanted to fight was Justin Beard / DownPhoenix.

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Re: Pat the NES Cunt

Post by Kugelfisch » Thu Aug 29, 2019 1:01 am

Tony Schiavone wrote:
Tue Aug 27, 2019 2:05 am
That Gottlieb is pure meh.

Personal favorite pinball machines are High Speed (pure classic) and Lethal Weapon 3 (because the launcher was a fucking gun, that you could also fire in game).
There are almost no good Gottlieb pins of that era. They fell off hard. High Speed on the other hand is super awesome! I also like it much better than High Speed 2. The original music is much cooler than it just playing ZZ Top and the super charger loop thingy is a useless gimmick. But pretty much every pin designed by Steve Richie is a great player.

I'm struggling to think of what I'd consider my favourite pinball machine. But if we're talking about which I'd love to own I'd go with Judge Dredd, Diner, Fathom, Whirlwind and High Roller Casino most likely. Black Rose is also super cool
Guest wrote:
Wed Aug 28, 2019 12:46 am
My dad has a old Gottlieb pinball machine (allthough the high score counter doesn't work but he is sure he can fix it), Don't remember the name right now but it's from the 60's and got a wild west theme, anywhere i can check out what it's worth?
da PAC Nigguh wrote:
Wed Aug 28, 2019 3:32 pm
Plus to figure out what it is. Western-themed 60s Gottlieb could take a while to find. That's almost as common as poker-themed. :lol:
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Re: Pat the NES Cunt

Post by Kugelfisch » Thu Aug 29, 2019 4:59 am

Guest wrote:
Thu Aug 29, 2019 1:18 am
Thanks guys! I found it! ... =quick#893
Neat. The production number is fairly high with 1000 but one sold just three months ago on Pinside for $1,200.
Depending on the overall condition of the playfield and backglass, considering the score counter not functioning, if you find somebody that wants it you could get anywhere between 500 and 700 bucks, I'd guess.
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Re: Pat the NES Cunt

Post by BobbyBoucher » Tue Sep 03, 2019 11:29 pm

A faster update on Pat this week, because words can't quite describe the clusterfuck Pat walked himself into. The main CU Podcast is the normal mediocre shit as always, but during the aftershow, Pat made the brilliant decision to watch Jared's explanation video and react in real time.

Pat was not exactly friendly toward Jared.

But first, the summary for CU Podcast #175:
  • pat says he runs a "professional media company"
  • ian's trip
    • took train ride with vonnie to Buffalo, then toronto.
    • visited the storm crow tavern and the strong museum
    • Ian has nephews/nieces he met, confirms he doesn't ever want children.
  • SNES book being printed
    • Pat's life has been a logistical nightmare with plumbing, refinancing, and this book.
    • Shipping to people in two months.
    • Now a CUPodcast t-shirt on
  • d23
    • Both complain about people worshipping corporations.
      • (Pat saw every Marvel film in theaters.)
    • Ian is losing interest fast as he and Vonnie approach the end of Game of Thrones.
      • Says he liked Kit "But she's my queen" Harrington throughout.
        • Might be good in The Eternals, he says.
    • Pat blames Sony for not compromising. Says Disney should've gone for a 20% take.
    • Pat thinks the animated spiderman film didn't do so well.
      • $375 million against $90 million budget says no.
        • Kingsman did that and it got sequels.
      • "It doesn't matter if it won an oscar, Sony was hands off," says Pat.
        • (He's right, but MCU movies are mediocre, so Disney/Marvel is not much of an improvment.)
    • pat says spiderman contract says Sony needs to release a film every 3 years to keep the rights.
      • I want sony to release a crappy sub-$100k spiderman film every 3 years just to keep it out of disney's hands.
    • pat also complains about jedi having the focus in star wars. (sounds entitled)
  • investors in retro gaming (but Ian's take)
    • their observations seem mostly accurate
    • Ian says most customers don't care about unique versions of games.
    • Pat says comics were only printed for monthy whereas games were produced for years.
      • Gamers/collectors consider them all part of the same print run, he says.
    • (Again, this is only underscores that rare prototypes are the potentially high-priced collectibles since this is software. Arcade/pinball are the expensive physical games.)
    • Pat also says it's 40-50 year olds investing who never loved or appreciated these games.
      • Pat clearly never loved or appreciated his NWC Gold. He didn't win it in the Nintendo Power contest or even participate in NWC.
      • The only reason pat rejected $100k was because it was too low. He clearly expects the value to keep increasing.
        • I bet it was Danielle Smith who offered him $100k for it, considering she owns an Action Comics #1.
  • stadium events found at yard sale
    • Pat says rare comics not found anymore because they've been through multiple generations who know what to look for.
      • since collecting is his strength, he's right for once
    • (Just once I wish some good samaritan would tell the sellers what they have. If only to fuck over resellers like Pat and company.)
  • amico table top things
    • Pat didn't know Stern Pinball was still in business.
  • scumbag seller of the week
    • They're scraping the bottom of the barrel. The seller is using footage from YouTube channels (like AVGN) to sell RetroPis.
  • q&a any arcade games you hate.
    • ian says the original space invaders
      • spergs out
      • calls it stressful, slow, miserable, "upsettingly unfun"
      • likes some other versions
    • pat also dislikes space invaders
      • doesn't like single-shot action
      • "it's not built for you to be successful, it's built to kick your ass" (no wonder he hates Battletoads)
    • neither like joust
    • burgertime is trash, says Pat.
      • Ian can almost beat the game boy one.
    • Ian can't play Tron because he plays left-handed.
  • q&a why won't you interview/talk to Tommy Tallerico about Intellivision Amico.
    • They think it would be an informercial.
    • Pat and Ian say they've mostly been right about these retro consoles.
      • But that's easy. Anyone whose taken a business course should know that saturated markets are difficult to break into.
      • The console market is saturated.
        • The Ouya failed because the major consoles already made appeals to indie games. Microsoft had released a $200 Xbox model years before it.
        • Raspberry Pi then basically killed off the need for retro ARM boxes.
      • Pat and Ian have been wrong about a lot of things.
        • Epic Games Store is a shitshow. It's not providing competition, it's just annoying people.
        • Google Stadia would fail and everyone not named Pat or Ian knew it right from the start.
        • They thought tariffs would have no effect.
          • Switch, Google Pixel, and maybe the iPhone assembly/manufacturing are moving to Vietnam.
        • They were wrong about GTA "online gambling".
        • They were wrong about ProJared (apparently).
        • They recommended the IndieGo, yet another ARM emulation box, but with a CD player.
          • To top it off, the guy running that had tried a quantum computing scam crowd funding campaign.
        • Pat was apparently wrong about the quartering/jim (mister metokur) (Pat thought Jim hated the quartering.)
        • Pat was wrong to buy his $1.2 million money pit house.
        • Pat thinks the MCU films are culturally relevant and not just movies for children.
        • And so on and so forth.
          • The idea these guys understand the modern gaming industry is ludicrous. They understand retro game collecting. That's it.
  • [Shitcoin ads appeared on Podbean/Stitcher version and not iTunes. I don't know the reason for that.]

Pat sometimes does an aftershow on his Twitch channel. He adds a bit more to podcast topics or talks random shit.

This time, he did that, but then switched to watching ProJared's video, pausing every minute or so for hot takes, and making poor predictions about what was going to happen.

Frankly, he came off as unhinged. A sensible person would have watched the entire video in one go and then made a sensible response/rebuttal.

And since Pat was so crazy, I had to constantly make notes just to autistically record it all. So the aftershow summary is a bit longer than the main podcast.

cu 175 aftershow:
  • chat/pat says there's a Jared "apology video"
    • "4 months is a little late for an apology video," says pat
  • pat got a haircut two weeks ago
  • Genesis guidebook unlikely.
  • Pat says to let drama channels drama or something.
  • Thinking about going on vacation for 2-3 weeks.
    • Ian will do the Podcast by himself.
    • He's apparently tired from only writing 80 reviews for the next book.
  • Pat feels he's in a good place in his life.
  • Pat doesn't have central air.
  • Pat prefers people not buy his book from Amazon (takes a bigger chunk of the sale).
  • Pat then suddenly decides to watch Jared's video on-air.
    • Thinks Ian would get a kick out of it.
    • Confounded how Jared/YouTubers always have a studio/soundproofing.
      • Said he had to pay someone to knock out a wall to make a studio.
        • (Maybe he should've moved a little farther away and bought a larger house for less than $1.2 million?)
    • Pat autistically focuses on the "power imbalance" between Jared and his friends.
      • He likens it to between a boss and an employee.
        • (Completely and utterly wrong on his part. Bosses have direct authority over employees.)
      • He then compares it to a musician and a groupie.
        • (This is accurate, but I was going to use it as a counterexample.)
        • He still thinks it's wrong for some reason.
        • Says that his fans started at a young age even if they are 18 now.
          • (I'm pretty sure some band somewhere banged some chicks who were fans during their teenage years.)
          • (Although, really, what kind of female fans was Jared expecting he'd have?)
            • He's a video game reviewer. Is it any wonder his female fans were trannies?
          • (I'm fairly sure ol' Vic Mignogna banged a few of his fangirls.)
            • It's not illegal. Unwise, yes. This standard of behavior Pat wants is insane.
              • Christ I think Brad Jone's (Cinemasnob's) wife Lara watched his vids when she was 13-14.
                • I think we all made fun of him for having a child-bride, but none of us tried to destroy his career (that's happening on its own).
            • For employee relationships, it depends on the company.
              • Some might have rules due to legal or ethical constraints.
              • If Jared doesn't have a contract that forbids it, he can fuck fans.
        • Pat even said during on of his interviews or podcasts that James Rolfe was possibly the first Internet personality who could fuck some fangirls.
          • (Based on an encounter Pat had with one.)
    • "narcissm," pat accuses Jared
    • 3 minutes into video, pat says the rest will be "37 minutes of rebutting heidi"
    • "legal terms," Pat, with contempt, says Jared is using.
      • ("legality" isn't good enough for Pat.)
        • I guess he doesn't care whether or not his Nintendo Guidbooks are legally protected under fair use.
    • "going the ignorance route," says Pat.
    • "It should be chai's word vs chai's word," says Jared
      • "I don't get it," says Pat who only watched 6 minutes of the video
        • (Maybe Pat should watch the entire video, process the information, then form a reaction to it.)
          • He's pausing every minute to make a hot take.
      • "don't care" "he's attacking the witness"
        • "probably repeats points made by people who defended Jared"
        • Pat then skips that part in video so he can safely ignore it.
        • "He's Phoenix Wright!" exclaims Pat.
        • "Good thing Jared played those video games!"
    • Pat claims Jared has no recollection with Charlie.
      • [He said Chai, Pat. The first Charlie. The second Charlie he did remember.]
    • "He's talking like a lawyer. Huh" says Pat.
    • 47:05 "You're still a predator."
      • "Is this the tip of an iceberg?" asks Pat. Pat wonders if there are more victims out there.
    • "will he blame the Game Grumps for his career burning down?" asks Pat.
    • "when you apologize you admit guilt or fault," says Pat.
      • "Don't say you're sorry in a car accident. That's admitting fault," says Pat.
        • "You learn that in drivers ed," says Pat. (My driver's ed never said that.)
    • "I'm waiting for him to say he has the receipts that heidi hired these two to ruin his career"
    • 51:15 Pat heard that Jared was voted out of Normal Boots.
      • Won't say who told him that.
        • (Hearsay, nice Pat.)
      • "It wasn't up to Jared to leave, that I know."
      • Jared posted on the 2011/12.
    • [52:35 Pat tells chat this has nothing to do with JonTron]
    • 53:00 "This is great lawyer tactics. I've got to give him credit for his Phoenix Wright."
      • "Textbook lawyer tactics."
    • 53:30 "Did Heidi hire them?!" ejaculates Pat.
      • "[his accusers wanted] money and attention, that's what they always say" says Pat.
        • "a huge mistep in this video," says Pat.
        • "how would you get money out of situation like this? would you write a book about ProJared?" asks Pat just before Jared explains.
        • "Should have said they were deluded and had a poor mental state," Pat says dismissively.
    • 55:45 Jared presents the degeneracy of his accusers.
      • "If you were a lawyer, you'd know none of this would be admissible in a court of law," explains non-lawyer Pat.
        • "if you were a rape victim, writing sexual fantasies has nothing to do with the crime itself"
          • "can't talk about sexual proclivities, talk about facts of the crime," says Pat.
            • (If there was no crime, what facts are you disputing Pat?)
          • (Try civil court for lawsuits pat.)
          • (Rape shield laws have nothing to do with this.)
            • Making up a fake rape accusation is a crime.
              • I'm sure no one's ever made an unprovable accusation of rape to hurt someone's reputation.
          • "he's going down a weird path here," says Pat.
          • "this is digusting because now's he trying to smear them with his sexual tastes"
            • "wrote this stuff when they were potentially underage" (I don't think this matters.)
            • "outing their sexual proclivities"
            • "wow, this is bad," says Pat.
          • "I'm uncomfortable going through this stuff, especially if these people were underage writing this stuff"
          • "jesus christ, Jared"
          • "this might work with the MRA crowd," says Pat.
            • "Stick with the facts if you are defending yourself."
          • "[promoting ebegging] anyone would do that if they knew eyes were on them," says Pat.
            • "if someone chopped my arm off, I'd be shilling my guidebook," says Pat.
            • "this argument is going nowhere"
          • "prosecutor would just say they were trying to make a living"
          • "he actually phrased it 'ebegging', wow"
            • "didn't jared have a patreon?" "he does"
          • "he tried to say 'porn' like it was shameful"
            • 1:01:30 he focuses on it and repeats it.
            • pat even says "degenerates"
          • "it was all inappropriate, not all illegal," says Pat about Jared's activities.
            • (Then Pat's complaints are dumb.)
    • 1:02:40 Pat didn't know about the crazy PlayBoy nudes thing.
      • "'I do not recall that'," pat says in a Reagan voice, mocking Jared's lack of memory.
      • "'I wouldn't do this even though I did a bunch of other stuff specifically'," says Pat, again mocking Jared.
      • Pat corrects usage of "amicable" despite being an NJ WOP who can't pronounce "water" correctly.
      • Crazy woman complained about Jared not shaking hands.
        • Pat remembers that Jared wouldn't shake Ian's hands.
        • 1:05:20 "He's standoffish in person," says Pat.
          • "Standoffish to other content creators, to fans."
          • Pat says he'd take her side about the not hand shaking thing.
          • When Jared shaked Pat's hand, he did it out of reluctance, even though they've known each other since 2010.
          • (If Pat were smarter, he'd realize this may be just a quirk of Jared that people misinterpret.)
    • 1:06:40 To defend himself, Jared names the people present at the "lewds incident".
      • "now he's calling out people, this is going to go well, I'm sure Jirard wants his name on here"
      • "holy shit, jared. I guess Jared is just trying drop all bombs, total war."
      • "[someone not remembering something] doesn't mean it didn't happen," says Pat.
        • Pat doubts Jirard actually said he didn't remember and it was something Jared wouldn't do.
    • 1:08:30 Jared brings up Bayonetta cosplay.
      • "He remembers this specifically, but not the nudes," alleges Pat.
      • Pat laughs when Jared won't says Heidi's name.
      • "He's sure it happened in this way five year ago, yet takes on face value people not remembering it who probably don't want to comment on it to begin with," Pat dumbly states.
      • "who were the other two stangers" asks Pat, "not Jirard"?
      • "did Jared say 'vahg' or 'vague'", asks Pat.
        • (It was "vegg".)
      • "honestly, this is immaterial compared to the first part of the story," pat finally admits
    • 1:11:20 Jared smartly points out he's never done a panel at E3, with Pamela, or with MatPat.
      • Pat's response: "I like how Jared and all his defences (defenders?) are dragging in other people who want absolutely nothing to do with this."
        • (They're involved if they get subpoenaed, Pat.)
      • "This is all immaterial," repeats Pat.
        • (A bunch of shitheads ran him through the ringer, so Jared is probably responding to the major accusations, Pat.)
      • 1:12:30 Pat dismisses more by repeating "porn".
    • 1:13:20 "Ends his whole defense talking about this situation which means nothing versus everything else."
      • "who cares about that?"
        • (Lawyers.)
      • "He's reading all this"
        • (Yes, obviously. Lawyers helped him. You don't fuck around like Pat and the other reaction/drama channels.)
      • "Interesting he's using 'virtual signalling'. Maybe he's repositioning himself as anti-SJW YouTuber?"
      • "I wonder if Jared will bring me up."
    • 1:15:28 "'It's bullying.' D'awwww."
      • "we're sorry" pat sarcasictally says.
      • "Bullied that your narcissism got in the way of self control and probably ruined your career."
        • "Because you wanted to get nudes from young girls that worshipped the ground you walked on from watching your YouTube videos."
          • "You were bullied, not called out for awful behavior."
          • "This isn't even talking about the open marriage shit, who was screwing what/when, and when consent was retracted."
    • 1:16:30 Jared relates the beat down metaphor.
      • Pat says "oh god". Then makes crying sound.
      • "We know the truth, though." says Pat.
      • "I hope he shows me and ian"
        • Pat is happy when they pop up. "Free coverage."
      • "I never said I was neutal," says Pat.
        • "I just talked about the person I knew you to be and was versus now. Weighing in on the type of person you are."
        • "I never even said for sure you did some of that stuff."
        • "I never said you dabbled with underage people knowingly."
        • "I said there's a potential to get into that trouble."
        • "Ian hates your guts and has for years."
          • "He held back a lot when we covered that."
        • "I think we were professional. We didn't say anything slanderous."
          • "We didn't say anything I thought was untrue at the time."
          • "We postulated what type of person could do some of this stuff with the allegations and tied into my experience with you."
          • "I was more qualified to talk about you than most of the other people that weighed in."
          • "I'm probably the last person you wanted to talk about it since I know who you are deep down. I've known you for like ten years."
        • (Reminder: on that podcast or the aftershow, pat said "no one defended the guy" so pat assumed he was guilty.)
          • Oh, yeah, you're a great guy Pat.
          • He also called it the "Anthony Wiener moment" for "us" (game reviewers).
    • 1:19:10 Jared - "no one tried to contact me"
      • Pat says last time he tried contacting via phone, Jared told him to email him. He was cutting people off from himself.
        • Says not his obligation to get Jared's side of the story.
        • Hadn't talked to Jared on the phone in years.
        • "That's always the defense: 'they didn't try to get my word on it.'"
    • Pat knows Jared watched his video.
    • Pat complains about the $200 Jared owes Pat and Brentalfloss.
    • "I just love in this apology/playing-the-victim video that he's now brought the names of 5-6 people in that want nothing to do with this going forward"
      • "now he's invited attacks and inquires on Ross, on Jirard, on MatPat, and a few other people who want nothing to do with this."
    • 1:23:00 Pat expresses confusion over degeneracy of the Ross relationship.
    • 1:24:20 "He's reading all this. He's trying to gaslight," says Pat.
      • (The reading part I understand. Gaslighting?)
    • 1:25:15 Pat confused about the harassment.
    • Pat sarcastically thanks Jared for forgiving him.
    • "Won't accept the nude blogs thing. We'll just gloss over that when that is the source of most of this pain and I think the source of a lot of people's ire."
      • "You see what he tried to do. He tried to make it so minimal by not even calling it what it was."
    • 1:26:40 "Now he's gonna speak out against cancel culture."
      • "Wait for the facts," Pat sarcastically whispers.
      • "The problem is Jared had the opportunity to present his side and he had two awful twitter posts that said absolutely nothing."
      • "He could've done a video like this," Pat doesn't buy bullshit legal excuses for four month delay.
      • "he waited for a weird groundswell of support and some of this conspiracy videos for him"
        • "they probably did some of the research for him. attack his accusers. find out person was in the hospital and had amnesia. find the sexual blog."
          • foxdickfarms strikes again
        • "had to wait for all this ammo to come out to compile it into his Jared defense Ted Talk. That's why he waited."
    • 1:28:00 "Oh god, shut up about being bullied jared"
      • "I saw the evidence all over my twitter account. My mom saw the evidence."
    • "That's how he ends the video?!" Pat expresses shock.
    • "victims aren't allowed to promote their stuff, unless you're jared and you can talk about your videos and your Twitch Stream"
    • Chat says it was like the ending for No Country for Old Men.
    • "I cannot believe he basically quoted Jirard without Jirard's knowledge."
      • "Talked about 4-5 YouTubers/creators supporting him. Holy shit."
    • "People had problem with the fan interaction stuff on Tumblr and Snapchat. That's what people had a problem with."
    • 1:32:00 Norm in chat. Pat complains about Jared mentioning people again.
  • [After finishing the video, Pat talks about some dumb sports stuff.]
  • [Then he talks about Jared some more.]
    • Pat didn't know he'd (Pat) be brought up indirectly in the Jared video.
      • Wish he knew how to bring up video on Streamlabs.
      • "Jared tried to play the victim."
      • "That nude blog thing." -Pat's favorite phrase, he says.
      • "commission porn"
        • "how despicable, how disgusting" pat says sarcastically.
      • "I still can't believe he mentioned other YouTubers to try to defend himself."
        • "You don't do that. Even if they're going to help him, you leave them out of it."
    • ProJared is trending on Twitter, says Pat.
    • Chat or Twitter is saying Jared is gaslightning someone suffering from head trauma.
      • "You got to be careful when you attack accusers like that."
      • Jared links to his truth blog.
      • "Jared's going to become the YouTube version of InfoWars," says Pat.
  • Pat says he's getting CGI done for something he filmed last year. (Another Punk episode, probably.)
  • Pat says the marathon is spring only now.
    • (The last marathon likely took in only half its normal revenue because it was in the spring. Good thinking, Pat.)

From listening to this monstrosity, I've come to the conclusion Pat has some weird thoughts:
  • "tumblr sex blog offended the community"
    • The community was horrified that ProJared might be sexual predator going after minors (although 16 is legal in his state).
      • When they found it was just some deranged transexuals, they were relieved.
    • Pat, however, seems to think it's immoral to fuck a fangirl even if they are of legal age.
      • Some band/actors he likes more than likely have banged fangirls. What the fuck is he smoking?
  • "involving other people/YouTubers"
    • Jared had to mention MatPat because it was that exact panel where an accusation stemmed. No one has to ask MatPat, they could just check the records.
    • He clearly asked Jirard for permission given that the other witness is anonymous. And the third guy is an accuser/part of the "testimony".
    • Ross is involved no matter what.
  • "behavior not admissible"/"okay to promote yourself after rape"
    • Pat thinks a victim's behavior doesn't matter. But police use it all the time in investigations. It's called "suspicious behavior" for a reason.
      • "There's this guy spending a lot of money shortly after a bank robbery. Whoops, can't investigate because it might be legitimately earned."
    • With sexual abuse, there's an element of shame. It's strange to announce to the world you're a victim of sexual assault/predation/rape.
    • Look at JewWario's MagFest victim. She kept it relatively quiet for years. And she did the right thing by reporting it fairly soon, leading to Justin's dismissal from Channel Awesome.
      • Even during Change the Channel, she avoided coming forward publicly. Part of that was in fear of Justin's/Channel Awesome's fanbase.
      • Yet she also publicly exonerated LordKat when he was accused of raping her. (And yet some people kept calling him a rapist. Cancel Culture strikes again.)
      • And she was a part of the "internet reviewing community" as well, so self-promotion was viable.
  • "Jared is reading his speech"
    • Yes, Pat. It's obvious the video was made at the direction of a lawyer or legal team.
    • It's the smart thing to do.
    • Pat could watch the end of the Hydlide stream for some apparently real emotion.
  • "gaslighting"
    • I don't think Pat knows what the word means.
    • Transexuals, by definition, are already insane.
  • "I've known Jared for ten years"
    • Yet stopped speaking on the phone with him years ago. How well do you really know him?
    • Pat knows he doesn't shake hands often. Maybe that's an indicator of being an introvert or something else?
    • He stopped casually chatting/checking-in with Jared in 2014.
      • So how well could Pat possibly know a guy he's stopped talking to for 5 years?
  • "muh $200"
    • Take it to small claims or shut up.
    • Someone made a video about paying Pat back. (He was apparently a "scumbag seller" on Atari/Nintendo Age or something.)
      • I don't think Pat ever publicly forgave the guy.

He can't even rebut Jared's arguments.
  • Why did both of them delete their accusations?
  • How can Chai remember interacting with Jared if s/he (whatever the fuck that thing is) has brain damage?
    • Chai is clearly lying about something. Either about the head wound or about interacting with Jared.
  • Why did Charlie deceptively omit some communication?

I must say, Pat has some truly awful timing. Since the video came out, the following has happened:
  • ProJared held an impromptu Twitch stream of Hydlide.
    • When I checked on it, it had 2800 viewers, more than Pat's NES Marathon.
    • According to foxdickfarms, Jirard the Completionist subscribed to Jared and gave him money. (He's following on Twitch, so I guess this is true?)
    • Apparently, all the other Normal Boots members took him back.
    • With the way Pat was just slinging shit at Jared, I have to wonder if Jirard and his toady Alex will show up for next year's NES Marathon?
    • Will Jirard now become a "YouTube Betrayer"?
  • Chelsea Van Valkenberg got a man killed via Cancel Culture.
    • Looks rather bad when Pat was so dismissive of the idea when ProJared brought it up.
  • RLM released a new Nerd Crew episode about Disney fans.
    • It basically ripped apart Pat's little podcast shtick.

Pat's antics annoyed me enough that I reported his Twitch video reacting to Jared. Talking/gossiping about other Twitcher streamers/partners is apparently against community guidelines and I think this qualifies. Stating Jared is a predator probably falls under defamation or slander. Pat's mocking attitude towards Jared's bullying complaints probably violates the community guidelines as well.

It's been a few days and nothing's happened. If anyone else wants to report it, feel free to join in.

Do not pass Go, Pat. Do not collect $200.

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Re: Pat the NES Cunt

Post by mad bum » Wed Sep 04, 2019 12:23 am

stadium events found at yard sale
Just to add to this, the guy who bought it after posting it on nintendo age immediately sold it the same day. Just proving that these "collectors" are just in it for the money and not "muh nostalgia." This only makes boomers asking for video games even more prominent
scumbag seller of the week
They're scraping the bottom of the barrel. The seller is using footage from YouTube channels (like AVGN) to sell RetroPis.
But what about muh fair use Pat? They are just using small clips to sell something. How does it feel faggots?
Pat was wrong to buy his $1.2 million money pit house.
If I'm paying 1.2 million for a home it better come with a real life catgirl ready to suck me off whenever. The fact that he's still putting money into that place is fascinating about how these commiefornian's are so committed to living there.
Jared Shit
Funny how Pat is apparently the only one besides DHI who still hates him, I'm still fucking amazed how the same people laughing at his dick picks and sailor moon picks are suddenly giving him hundreds of dollars.
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