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Re: Pat the NES Cunt

Post by Guest » Fri Jun 21, 2019 10:58 am

yea havent you ever seen a movie in prison where someone calls someone a punk in there? it basically means youre someones cum receptacle. you're basically a bitch. that's the only possible meaning of the word punk that pat can remotely be held up to. pat the nes spunk punk

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Re: Pat the NES Cunt

Post by Guest » Fri Jun 21, 2019 11:01 am

he's probably that frank guy's punk. frank prob was in prison for child molestation and got out and made pat his punk. closest thing to child molestation he could get while still being safe and legal. there's gotta be gay stuff in between those two...

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Re: Pat the NES Cunt

Post by Chillock » Mon Jun 24, 2019 5:15 pm

Haven't seen a vid of these dude in ages and they have attained wizard status

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Re: Pat the NES Cunt

Post by Guest » Mon Jun 24, 2019 5:29 pm

Poonoo wrote:
Fri May 24, 2019 9:52 pm
RAPEMAN wrote:
Fri May 24, 2019 9:44 pm
Poonoo wrote:
Fri May 24, 2019 1:52 pm

The Dead Kennedys were never awesome
Punk got too SJ in the 80's. Especially the L.A. scene.
And the Dead Kennedys were a big reason for that. Early Punk culture was great, it was anti-authoritarian rather than being overtly left wing (half the Ramones members were right wing) but by the mid 80s Punk was fucked. Heavy Metal today is more like the original punk scene than punk is, who are just edgy democrats.

I guess Pat is Punk then :lol:
Political punk is just embarrassing now. At least they could pull off being a counterculture in the Reagan, Bush Sr. and Clinton eras. That was before they showed that they're supposed support for freedom of speech was bullshit. Jello Biafra even defended fucking skinhead records, but of course it was just a ploy to defend himself. He would never dare say this shit today with the fanbase he panders to. Left wing punks have been exposed as the hypocritical faggots they always were. They were only anti-censorship because they were the ones getting censored.

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Re: Pat the NES Cunt

Post by Kugelfisch » Mon Jun 24, 2019 6:48 pm

Chillock wrote:
Mon Jun 24, 2019 5:15 pm
Haven't seen a vid of these dude in ages and they have attained wizard status
Based as fuck avatar.
Guest wrote:
Sun Aug 25, 2019 3:42 pm
Lupa is the only libtard who didn't threaten to move to Cucknadia.

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Re: Pat the NES Cunt

Post by Chillock » Mon Jun 24, 2019 10:53 pm

Townsend is based to boot

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Re: Pat the NES Cunt

Post by BobbyBoucher » Wed Jul 10, 2019 1:03 am

I'm late making a digest update since pat's new weekly news-spam cycle means he releases a new episode by the time I'm prepared to summarize his old shit.

First a summary of the more notable things:
  • Pat's Twitch Thot cousin has apparently been streaming nearly every day for 6-7 years.
    • She gets a lot of gifts and donations from guys.
    • Still don't know who she is, but she's got to be mid to late 20s if she's been at it for 7 years.
  • he made projared's career. Jared owes him money.
  • He's never seen Game of Thrones, but has no problem reporting on news or controversy without understanding it.
    • Very Cool.
    • Says the people complaining about ending aren't entitled.
  • Both Pat and Ian gave positive coverage to an emulator box with a CD-drive, the IndieGo box.
    • They thought this was needed because CD-drives allows people to use their game CDs.
      • Instead of just loading up ISOs?
    • Also, the guy who ran this failed campaign also had one for quantum computing.
      • Great job, Pat. You fell for a con by a guy who tried to sell something only a few universities even work in.
  • Pat and Ian know they are being called Boomers.
  • Ian's boss Traig is younger than him by 6 years, yet infinitely more successful.
  • Pat, a man who runs a gaming podcast, thinks USB control yokes don't exist. (In reference to the new Star Wars mini-arcade games.)
  • pat blames youtube creators for their audience's behavior
    • "we don't cater to an audience"
      • "we have integrity"
      • [I think Pat is implying anyone who disagrees with him is a drama shill.]
      • Man, he really is a cunt.
  • Pat also accuses YouTubers of adopting fake personas.
    • Just like Pat pretended to be a gamer.
    • Brad Jones and Ryan Mitchell did a Mario gaming livestream to promote the new Snob movie. They talk about games during it. Ryan's actually played Fallout 4 in VR. The discussion those two had was a lot more genuine and informative than Pat and Ian have ever managed.
  • "we're 5-10 years behind japan", says pat, "their cell phones are miles ahead of ours"
  • He also sometimes retweets Mueller/anti-Trump stuff. I've been meaning to collect it.
  • A plumber scammed him when replacing his water heater (had to pay for unnecessary accessories when insurance paid for replacing the water heater).
    • Plumber befouled his bathroom as well.
    • This plumber is an american hero.
  • Someone offered him $70-80k above the price of an NWC grey cart for his NWC gold cart.
    • So his NWC gold is worth nearly $100k. I think he only paid $10-15k for it.
    • Remember that if he ever complains about not being paid for video game years.

And now a torrential downpour of updates/notes:
155 to 160Show
cupodcast 155:
  • pat the nes punk finally played Super Mario Lost Levels for the first time this year
    • used save states
      • And I checked part of his stream. He was using an emulator on PC.
        • And he was playing Mario All Stars, so it had a save system.
    • says "design is trash, with dead end warps. A troll game."
      • You can't use warps to win, pat
    • it was made for the famicom disk system with a save system
    • maybe that's why Nintendo of america didn't want the game.
    • The japanese commercials highlighted the difficulty.
  • pat watched suicide squad pirated on youtube
  • more capeshit
    • complain about DC cinematic universe
    • they're glad Shazaam isn't like the Snyder Superman movies
    • they're worried about Hellboy movie release timing.
  • The spend 30-40 minute talkin about Wrestlemania. God help me.
  • On game difficult/"accessibility":
    • Ian has no issue with cheating to beat a game.
    • Pat never heard of Sekiro until this.
    • "you have nothing and you're trying to grab onto something", says Ian (about gamers complaining)
    • [They don't understand this is mostly about reviewers being unable to play/understand a game.]
    • "You life shouldn't revolve around beating hard video games," says Pat the NES Punk.
  • pat and ian complain about some guy selling off donated prototypes
    • that's capitalism.wav
    • boomer pat's answering machine again (4 or 5th time)
  • Ian says collecting games is dumb.
    • He pirates with an EverDrive instead of owning.
  • Pat has gone to 60+ conventions in the last 8 or 9 years.
  • Pat bought either Baby Boomer or Ducktales boxed from Ian when it was $40 loose.

cupodcast 156:
  • Rise of Skywalker
    • Pat expect Kylo to be redeemed.
      • JJ Abrams is too dumb for that.
  • Pat's parents found out about him shit-talking them on the podcast.
  • ~6:22 "maybe you sould listen to the consumer sometimes," Ian says about uncancelled Star Wars games.
    • Pat is sick of Jedi.
      • Says Dark Forces series was ruined when Kyle Katarn became a Jedi.
    • Pat wants a Star Wars movie without a lightsaber.
      • Ian suggests Solo, but it technically was there.
      • The CU Nerd Crew forgot about the Ewok movies.
  • "[The tech community has a ] Disconnect with everday people," says Ian.
    • Pat and Ian are disconnected from modern games.
  • PS5 segment.
    • PS4 could have had solid state drive, says Pat.
      • But that would have cost a lot of money pat. SSD prices are finally falling.
    • Millionaire Pat doesn't have a 4k tv.
    • They also seem to confused Zen 2 with Zen 1 when talking about the Ataribox/VCS.
  • Capcom Home Arcade
    • pat complains about it only having 16 games. (that's entitlement, pat)
  • "there's a lot to unpack here," says Pat about Disney+.
    • Pat immediately expresses interest in The Mandalorian since Carl Weathers and Gina Carano are invovled.
    • Anyone who uses the word "unpack" like that should be shot.
  • they shittalked new GameStop CEO a few eps back
    • okay with his new plan
  • Ian thinks it's okay for businesses to refund via store credit instead of cash.
    • Some jurisdictions may ban that, Ian.
  • Pat's main ex-gf's father had donkey kong cocktail table, colecovision, NES, etc.
    • Hated display of his collection or going to swapmeet.
      • His trips to flea market probably destroyed relationship. (circa 2013/14/15)
      • The only thing that mitigated it was his collection was worth money. He could sell it tomorrow.
  • Pat had 500 games in NJ.
    • One woman implied his collection was "40 year-old virgin stuff".
      • Never saw her again.
      • Only two shelves displayed.

cupodcast 157:
  • Pat talks about MK11, a game he doesn't play.
  • They then talk about that IGN guy who was fired for plagariasm.
    • Just copy pat, make a podcast and talk about games you don't play.
  • On Ninja being a Top 100 most influential person:
    • "you're not an oppressed class, gamers" says pat.
    • "it's one of the most popular activities", says Ian.
    • Pat also says "gamers 35-40 are the predominant class of people"
      • I doubt there are many doctors, lawyers, engineers doing this. They're too busy.
      • If anything, the trend is still probably toward younger gamers since they have the most time.
        • Not everyone works one day a week like Pat.
        • So the older gamers are people with time: the unemployed, housewives, retirees, cripples.
          • Yep, none of those are disadvantaged in any way.
    • Ian: "dark corners of the internet"
    • Pat: "you're not not getting a job because you're a gamer"
    • God forbid gamers demand better games.
      • Movie snobs demand something better than capeshit?
  • Gameboy 30th anniversary segment
    • both just repeat a bunch of wikipedia facts
    • both then complain about Kevins in their lives.
      • Arrested development.
  • Some Atari prototype segment.
    • Pat says he doesn't call himself an expert on Atari unlike that Storage Wars guy.
      • He runs a podcast where he thinks he's qualified to talk about games he does not play.
  • Ian shitcans discussing a Chinese game ban despite this being a gaming podcast.
  • Pat says he wasn't defaming the guy who sold a gifted prototype.
    • No he just heavily implied he was a scumbag.
    • Also implied he bought Twitter followers.
    • Pat says he listened to emails that described him as a scumbag.
      • Watch out pat, that's what MarzGurl tried.
  • Pat is working "6 hours a day" on SNES book.
  • Ian blames trump for Zoo losing pandas.
  • Pat thinks Tasmania is part of New Zealand.

cupodcast 158:
  • They discussus Avengers Endgame.
    • Pat says Winter Soldier is the best MCU movie. (I found it boring.)
  • They watch Sonic movie trailer. (Very Cool.)
  • Talk about end of 3DS.
    • Jab about people buying old stock being "not real gamers". (As in, this is what they think people like The Quartering believe.)
  • Pat thinks no crime committed in an arcade ROM theft.
  • Developer adds Ruby interpreter in Switch game, Nintendo finds out and bans him or his game.
    • Pat thinks assembly is "ones and zeroes". (It isn't.)
    • Say they aren't experts, still call guy a shithead.
  • Counterfeit sculptor's Cut
    • Pat again complains about not being paid for Video Game Years.
  • Micro Mages
    • Pat and Ian don't want to talk to it. Gaming podcast?
  • Pat wants a parliamentary form of government so we have three parties and coalition governments.
    • Pat doesn't like the religious right. He's going to get BTFO when a Christian Party becomes the dominant conservative party.

cupodcast 159:
  • This opened with another shitcoin ad at the start, but sped up so the guy talked really fast.
  • Pat thinks he looks younger with long hair (he doesn't).
  • Pat's parents wouldn't buy him Kool-Aid packets because it was "too expensive".
    • That shit is cheap as hell. His parents were deliberately fucking with him.
    • He got Juicy Juice instead.
  • Pat nerd crew's it about the Far From Home Trailer.
  • On Riot Games lawsuits:
    • Pat and Ian seemed confused why a company would have arbitration clauses in employment contracts.
      • In the MeToo and KickVic era when complete lunatics will make shit up, arbitration is their best hope to avoid costly lawsuits.
    • Ian hates names for fans. ("Rioters" for RIOT Games)
      • CU Podcast Sycophants.
    • They talk a bit about unionization in the games industry.
      • Not happening when Eastern/Central Europe can make games better than the West.
  • They compare the Sonic movie reaction to Diablo Immortal.
    • Say they are being rational.
    • "If the Quartering can't jack off to it, then everyone's got to go out and make some noise." says Ian.
  • Epic buys Psyonix
    • Ian complains about 2700 babies review bombing Steam.
    • They say a lot of workers will benefit from sale (no, only the owners).
    • Psyonix will be interviewed for the Not For Resale documentary.
    • They're buying the line that Epic won't cut Steam off from new Rocket League sales. (Epic seems to be notorious for making bad decisions. They may cut off new sales at any time.)
    • "why are people upset that this shit company which is interfering with their lives is continuing to interfer with their lives"
      • "Avengers Endgame is now exclusive to Cinemark Theaters. Have fun driving out of your way to go see it."
    • From what I hear, game piracy has been on the uptick solely to Epic's exclusives purchases.
  • Randy Pitchford Segment
    • Ian complains that microtransactions/DLC didn't exist in the past.
      • On consoles, maybe. But PC had expansion packs released on floppies or CDs. Sometimes it was just a set of maps.
  • Retro Gamer Pat didn't know what Colossal Cave Adventure was.
  • in '98 Pat pirated Half-Life
  • Pat almost went to Rochester Institute of Technology, but it was only 10% female.
    • Later abandoned a Computer Science degree.
    • He instead went to Lehigh University and majored in sociology/anthropology. He may have been a teaching assistant.
  • Free man on the land.
    • They make fun of sovereign citizen types not beliving in laws. I hope Ian's in-laws aren't a bunch of illegals who believe the same thing.
  • Ian's Boss Traig is younger than Ian (Ian is ~36, Traig is 30)
    • Reminder: these people made fun of people doing "high school jobs".
  • At end, Ian insults creator of Earthworm Jim for some reason.
    • "Likes male chest"?

cupodcast 160:
  • pat "i made pro-jared's career" contri
    • Pat had 120k subscribers in 2013
      • He's up to 240k, but that's practicall Marzgurl/Lupa numbers.
    • Pat encouraged Pro-Jared at ScrewAttack
      • You could say Pat is responsible for this whole situation.
    • Worked together on Super Riff Bros, but Jared abandoned project.
      • [So this is one of Pat's other "YouTube betrayers"].
    • Ian says Jared's an ass.
    • pat & ian complain about youtubers creating fake personas for popularity
      • That's a load of shit coming from a pair of fake gamers
      • Pat admitted it on the 2019 marathon.
      • Pat also fakes interest in "geek" stuff for his podcast.
        • He mentioned Game of Throne superbowl commercial purely for clicks.
          • If he actually watched the show, he'd have talked about the Season 8 shitshow.
    • pat and ian know they are being called boomers
  • lootbox legislation
    • Pat detours to comment on how lobbyists influence legislation, like forcing people to use (((tax prep))) software.
      • first, those companies are required to provide free software filing (they're shitheads that avoid it, of course, but it is there)
      • second, anyone who complains about lobbyists should realize these guys influence our immigration system.
        • they're why visa caps keep increasing.
  • Pat vs Quartering. drama is winning. Fallout from Diablo Immortal.
    • picking fights with quartering
    • pat thinks quartering is jealous of Pat's relationship with AVGN
      • pat wrote avgn episodes
    • The Quartering says he does not masturbate to video games
      • pat played hentai games
    • pat is happy his channel has grown to get detractors
      • but admits everything he talks about is bullshit
      • no collussion talk or gun control talk
    • MisterMetokur is mentioned as also hating The Quartering.
    • Pat says Quartering tried to reinstate a rapist at a con.
      • Well, Pat himself is associated with at least two alleged sexual deviants.
    • Pat is insulted when he's called "anti-gamer" by quartering
      • Says he's not anti-gamer because he worked on the shitty guidebook.
      • Complains, again, about working on The Video Game Years for free. (Such a problem he bought a $1.2 million house.)
      • Says he helped community by exposing Coleco Chameleon.
        • Only retro fags cared about that.
    • soliloquy - Pat has a word of the day calendar.
    • "we're better than you. we have friends, colleagues, peers that appreciate their kahntent"
  • Q&A: Disk System for NES?
    • "we're 5-10 years behind japan", says pat, "their cell phones are miles ahead of ours"
      • Pat is so out of touch he believe this.
      • Before smartphones, Japan was producing far more technically advanced phones than what was common in the US.
        • Language and phone design issues prevented them from coming over.
        • But even then, the US had PDA-phone hybrids. They just weren't popular.
      • Since smartphones, however, cell phones are basically the same all over.
        • You see some Asian electronics company make expensive oddities ($2000 folding cell phone).
          • I don't know who buys this stuff.
        • It's all just iPhones and Android these days.
      • If anything, Japan has far fewer home computers than Europe, the US, or other parts of Asia (South Korea).
        • That's why PC gaming was less popular there for decades, outside visual novels.
      • Boomer Pat's a good 15 years out of date.
    • "Floppy disks were scary," says Ian, "most people didn't know what a floppy disk was," says Pat
      • C64s were cheap and common by '87/'88. Those had floppies.
      • A lot of schools probably had either Macs, PCs, or Commodores.
        • Oregon Trail and Carmen Sandiego became famous for a reason.
  • pat blames influencers for why an Unreal Tournament sequel hasn't been made.
  • They even end the podcast still complaning about The Quartering.

cu 160 aftershow:
  • Pat admits he doesn't watch game of Thrones
    • Doesn't want to because he hears it's a "violent and rapey" lord of the rings
  • The answering machine goes off again (5th or 6th time now).
    • Pat says he needs a landline for emergencies.
    • He should just set it up to go to voicemail.
  • Pat's favorite fast food joint is Wendy's.
  • Pat mocks gamers with "1 million gamer march".
  • Pat's ex-girlfriend is moving to Hawaii.
    • Her birthday is June 12th.
      • Is Norm's birthday.
      • Also Anne Frank. (They mention it, not me.)
    • While discussing Birthdays, mention Albert Finney and John Brown.
      • "Before Robert E. Lee became a traitor."
  • Norm the Gaming Historian and Pat discuss Jared.
    • My idea: JewWario and Jared teamed up together.
      • Super Rape Bros.
    • Pat's mom heard about it.
    • CNN and Inside Edition did it on TV.
    • Pat calls it the "Anthony Wiener moment" for "us" (game reviewers).
    • No one immediately defended Jared, so Pat uses that as proof he is guilty.
      • Obviously, the vigorous defense and cover-up of JewWario when he died means he was innocent.
      • Court of Pat.
  • They talk about sports for like 45 minutes.
    • Pat tore his ACL playing intramural college basketball as a freshman.
      • Apparently it's extruciating. Good.
161 to 165Show
cupodcast 161:
  • pat discusses tv poker for some reason
    • ian played poker at the kitchen he worked in, did fine
    • video games!!
  • game of thrones petition
    • pat hasn't seen a single episode
    • vonnie has started watching
    • ian has seen a season and a half, "it's really not a bad show"
      • seen most spoilers
    • "it's a great show" pat says solely based on the fact it's been running for ten years.
      • prepare to be disappointed.
      • Half the storylines have no conclusion.
      • Shit happens that makes no sense in-universe. That shit with Bronn made no sense.
      • D&D now have Star Wars as well.
    • Says they haven't crossed "entitled baby" threshold, yet.
  • phantom menace 20th anniversary
    • ian saw it on acid
    • pat says "no one asked for this", "no one asked for kid anakin"
    • They talk about other Prequels.
      • pat says Episode 1 was a first step towards modern day geek culture
      • both say the new trilogy are better than the prequels. "they feel like star wars movies"
        • they're wrong. TFA is awful that feels like anything else JJ Abrams shat out.
      • pat says there was no reason behind Anakin killing kids, unlike dragon lady
        • ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
        • This is why you don't comment on topics you don't understand.
    • They are the Nerd Crew at this point.
  • gamestops new reward program
    • pat asks ian: "do you hate gamers by hating gamestop?"
    • "people criticized use for our opinions on gamestop hiring the auto-zone ceo"
    • "don't ever criticize us again" "that we don't understand business"
      • Yes, Pat, we are amazed at your ability to do basic math.
    • [You know, Gamestop made plenty of bad decisions before they hired the Auto-Zone guy, so there's no evidence he was a bad hire.]
  • indiego console
    • The "console" runs an odroid xu4.
      • pat thinks it's an operating system
      • octa-core ARM
        • it's another ARM emulation box
          • the cd drive is probably just something generic.
      • $5,897 by only 22 backers. (of $8,362 goal)
      • And it's full of spelling errors ("Blue Ray") and odd capitalization.
      • Ian "we totally need this" Ferguson and Pat "Atari VCS bad, indieGo good" Contri
      • Pat considers this a competitor to PolyMega.
    • Just load an ISO into an emulator.
    • Also, the guy ran this indiegogo quantum computing scam:
  • Q&A CU Podcast movie.
    • Pat only recently saw Adventures In Babysitting for the first time.
    • It would be like the Blues Brothers.
    • They run away from several groups:
      • gaming convention organizer
        • who made a video about them - I'm not not sure who this is referring to.
      • game dumpster divers
      • incel cult leader angry about a mobile game ("who hasn't seen his dick since the clinton administration")
        • The Quartering?
      • think their fourth opponent should be a tech reviewer (ReviewTech?) or Mike Kennedy (Coleco Chameleon)

cupodcast 162:
  • wrestling talk
    • Pat says he's entering the "stop watching phase" so maybe he'll stop boring his audience.
  • E-Sports Viewship controversy
    • "I totally didn't not search for 'anime chicks,'" says Pat "I masturbated to hentai games" Contri.
    • "Finals embedded across Reddit, IMDB, Gamepedia, and other sites."
      • The Redditors could be considered real viewers since Reddit has a fairly active gaming community.
        • I mean maybe r/overwatch (2.3 million subscribers) embeds Twitch streams.
      • So Kotaku has a point that embedded videos may be inflating numbers, but not to the degree they think.
      • I should also point out that YouTube view numbers can be inaccurate.
        • For livestreams, a single person watching for 6 hours counts as three views since it counts by two hour blocks.
          • That's important when looking at MarzGurl's or Lupa's view numbers.
  • Prototype being bought and not dumped.
    • "This is important because this is our industry." says Pat.
  • gaming addiction
    • Pat's game addicted brother-in-law played World of Warcraft Tuesday and Saturday nights.
    • Pat doesn't play enough games to be addicted.
  • state of retro gaming:
    • Pat notes how comics could become million-dollar collectibles, but it's unlikely for games.
      • That's because rich boomers buy comics, poor millennials play video games.
    • "death of physical media" - Various collectors are selling off their sets.
      • Pat and others still need to sell to someone.
    • Pat and Ian note that SNES/Genesis collectors don't go for full sets.
      • Xoomers played NES, but before emulators became popular.
      • SNES/Genesis players had emulators. Rentals were probably in full swing as well. So they value full collections less than Pat's NES generation (which, like Pat, stopped playing new games).
    • Gamecube, PS2, and Xbox are big right now, says Ian.
      • He says SNES and NES are falling off.
    • Retro Cons are dying.
      • Problem for Pat since he earns money from them.
      • Problem for Ian since retro stores sell at them.
    • Pat hopes for another Fantastic Four film.
      • It's not happening.
  • pat retells his suncoast video story (he told this on the not so common podcast already)

cu 162 aftershow:
  • projared owes pat $150-$180.
  • MarzGurl was ditched by ProJared when he got more popular.
    • Good on ProJared.
  • Pat says he only talks about people after their careers are dead.
    • Which is why people talk about Pat, Marzgurl, and Lupa.
  • He had a feeling not to post Super Riff Bros. on Twitch. A month later ProJared gets outed.
  • His cousin has been streaming on Twitch almost every day for 6-7 years.
  • His grandfather died in 2011 at 94.
    • So that's his potential lifespan, assuming he doesn't commit suicide or die on the street after his podcasting career goes tits up.
  • Podcast sponsorships have gone down this year.
  • Chat says Norm the Gaming Historian should challenge Hambeast (The Quartering) to rochambeau.
    • Pat says it's funny.
  • Pat talks possible retro books.
    • TG-16 would sell 8 copies.
    • Genesis wouldn't sell.
    • Even Game Boy probably wouldn't sell.
    • N64 is possible.
    • Someone else is doing a Virtual Boy book.
    • [So Pat's book writing career is dead after SNES. He might get out an N64 book, but that's it.]
  • Roo (16-bit Gems) is doing community theater
    • works for a lightbulb company.
  • Pat suggests doing a podcast with Norm, Alex, and Andre.
    • God help us.
    • He also suggested they stay at his rather small $1.2 million single family home.
  • pat says chrono trigger is his favorite RPG
    • despite having never completed it
    • and despite giving up on gaming after the SNES (save for some PC gaming), so he doesn't have much experience with them.
      • On PC, he apparently primarily played multiplayer FPS games or some RTS.
  • Pat didn't apply to Princeton.

cu podcast 163:
  • wrestling shit
    • "vince mcmahon is obviously morally gross"
  • Ian played Pokemon Go recently.
    • Vonnie has playing consistently since it was released.
    • "about the only exciting thing that has happened to him"
  • mario maker 2
    • in their view, entitlement is complaining about a game that will have shitty controls/interface and terrible pay-to-win microtransactions.
    • not-entitlement is complaining about a game not having online multiplayer with your friends, but local multiplayer is still available. (It's almost like Nintendo's primary audience are people who don't spend their lives online.)
  • Pat & Ian autistically discuss the Atari VCS.
    • Pat is confused if this is the first prototype or a later one. Doesn't think they had time for another.
      • It's pretty easy to make a prototype.
        • 1.) 3D print a prototype shell.
        • 2.) Have someone do some manual lettering with stencils. Glue on wood or something.
        • 3.) Insert single board computer into shell.
        • 4.) Install software onto computer.
        • 5.) Prototype done.
      • Option b is to just slip a new board into the old shell (PCB sizes shouldn't change that much).
    • Pat is confused about "sandbox mode" and thinks it's something new.
      • Steam and emulator support was always part of the pitch, so a new sandbox mode isn't that crazy.
      • Question they should be asking is if Atari guys are going to license Windows for the sandbox mode.
    • Pat is also confused that the price is $250 instead of $200.
      • $200 was the price of the base Atari VCS (no controllers) during initial campaign.
      • It's apparently been raised since then.
      • Do some reasearch, Pat. I'm doing your job for you.
  • Ian doesn't want to discuss Cucknadian game show closing.
    • Sees his future
  • pat hasn't been to a swap meet this year.

cupodcast 164 (e3):
  • Ian pirates NBA streams
  • Pat has never been into/played The Secret of Mana series. (Of course.)
  • Pat missed first ten minutes of Nintendo stream so didn't hear about the Zelda remake.
    • Good work ethic Pat. Don't go back and check segments before the podcast.
  • Pat has never played majoras mask. (of course)
  • In reference to popularity of older actors Keanu Reeves and Liam Neesen:
    • Pat jokes he'll have a revival in his 50s.
      • He's going to be homeless by his 50s.
  • On Microsoft game pass
    • They joke again about Ian hating gamers over the Diablo incident.
  • They complain about battletoads again.
    • Say retro enthusiasts never talk about it or play it at conventions.
      • That's a mark in its favor.
    • Say it has bad game design. It's too hard.
      • Git gud.
  • Pat talks about GRR Martin and the game he's writing for, despite not being a reader or viewer of Game of Thrones.
    • "he hasn't finished his novels yet", Pat chides Martin since he's writing for a game instead. (Very Cool)
  • xbox scarlet
    • ray-tracing
    • potential 8k which no one will ever need, says pat
    • ssd - no more load up times, says pat
    • [they don't talk at all about the new Zen 2 architecture]
      • Guess they aren't hardware guys.
  • tg-16 mini
    • people only know about the TG-16 due to YouTube and retro gamers, says Pat.
    • Ian thinks Magic Engine is the only good emulator for TG-16, but it has paid add-ons.
      • Mednafen always worked for me.
  • N64 last cartridge system people care about, says Pat.
    • "hyperkin came out with every other cart-based system with an audience"
      • Don't forget the NDS. Some people were begging Nintendo to play NDS games on TVs.
  • pat blames star wars fanboys for kyle katarn gaining jedi powers
    • or the devs wanted to add interesting abilities
  • usb control yokes don't exist according to Pat. Referring to the control yoke on Star Wars arcade machines.
    • "star wars fans will buy $500 arcade machine whether or not they are gamers"
    • "if there's an off the shelf yoke controller, I should own it" and play via emulator, says Pat.
    • "UsB COnTrOL yokEs dON't EXisT"

cupodcast 165:
  • hyrule crypt of the necrodancer
    • ian doesn't listen to video game music outside video games
  • Pat's hot water broke.
    • his mike tyson's punchout standee was damaged
    • has home warranty insurance
      • contractor is trying to screw him
      • $70 for a drain pan
        • Pat says it's $20 at Home Depot for a plastic one.
        • That might be crap, but the contractor may include labor.
  • Dr. Mario World
    • Pat has a mocking jab about "mobile games"
      • "one of those dirty mobile games"
    • Ian will be 37 on August 9th.
  • NWC cart found
    • "pat's worried about the value of his game dropping" pat mocks in a hoarse voice.
  • register vcs article
    • I'm impressed that a Register reporter was also unable to determine the Radeon GPU of an embedded processor.
      • Hint: it's specified on AMD's website as an R3. The CPU model was reported a month back, though Pat didn't comment then.
      • I'm doing both Pat's and this other guy's job.
  • tales from the game store
    • pat had to pick up unsold copies of the nes guidebook
    • ian smokes pipe tobacco
  • q&a youtube personas
    • someone's done 5 videos on pat in 6 months (the quartering?)
    • pat says some people assume a "pro-gamer persona" (did he mean professional gamer or advocate?)
      • pat adopted a fake gamer persona
    • pat blames creators for their audience's behavior
    • "we don't cater to an audience"
      • "we have integrity"
      • [I think Pat is implying anyone who disagrees with him is a drama shill.]
      • Man, he really is a cunt.
166, 167Show
cupodcast 166:
  • plumber who hosed pat on replacement parts befouled his bathroom
    • Pat calls his bathroom fan a "fart fan".
  • pat may have recorded avgn videos
  • Pat finally got his Cabbage Patch doll from his parents.
  • Ian went to the zoo four times in four weeks.
  • Pat mentions a suicided YouTuber
    • probably to seem like a good guy (aka Boogie)
      • So now he's a Spoony, Lordkat, Boogie combination. [SpooKat? LordSpoogie?]
    • admits he never knew the guy before this.
  • Orange man bad tariffs
    • they don't understand strategy or brinkmanship. they think the goal is to bring the manufacturing of game consoles to the US
      • China could compromise in another area/industry to remove these tariffs. (Remove their tariffs on steel/cars, we remove our tariffs on electronics.)
      • Other than that, a more friendly nation could take that manufacturing. (Yes, Pat, other Asian countries can produce electronics.)
    • I think pat's the type of person willing to pay massive taxes for free healthcare, but not one cent extra for his toys.
    • pat says smoot-hawley tariffs caused great depression (he's probably wrong).
    • I guess pat would oppose the abolition of slavery since it would cause an increase in cotton prices.
    • Alternatively, these companies could pressure China to change its trade policies.
  • pat has two timex sinclairs in his garage
  • surprise mechanics
    • "alternative facts" says Pat
    • Pat lost $500 playing Shaq Black Jack at a casino last year.
  • No tales from the game store
    • Apparently listeners ruined it (went to Ian's store?).
    • Pat says it probably wasn't podcast listeners.
      • Must've been those damn dirty YouTubers.
  • Q&A topic: the term "doesn't age well" in games
    • Ian says the phrase has valid uses.
    • Pat think it's dumb.
    • "The retro gaming empire will fall down," says Pat.
    • pat thinks "doesn't age well" will apply to the SNES.
      • Unlikely since SNES was practically peak 2D graphics. GBA and NDS had games in that style.
  • scumbag seller
    • pat was offered $70-$80k more for his gold NWC over the price of a gray cart
  • Pat is finally upset all movies are genre or superhero films.
    • Pat and Ian reiterate they love superhero and comic movies.
    • Pat says he seems old now.
cu 166 aftershow:
  • guy who made Pat's SNES book cover is doing CG work for new Star Wars movie.
  • SNES book delayed a few weeks.
  • pat welcomes subscriber named CaptainConfederate.
  • once book is done, Pat will try to do more Twitch streaming/aftershows.
  • more nes punk videos after book
    • suggests kickstarting a final season
  • chat suggests NES punk complete series on blu-ray
    • "that's a big blu-ray" claims pat (he doesn't know how big Blu-Ray discs are)
  • no castle contri tour yet because it still isn't organized (after two years)
  • ~20 minutes in, pat gets a phone call that he answers on air
    • Can hear it's a woman
    • something about driver legally responsible
      • pat wonders if he'll get in trouble for reporting this, he just felt it was the right thing to do.
      • he cuts audio for several minutes
      • his Lyft driver did a hit and run while he was in it
        • This is why Pat/Ian are hypocrites for supporting unions for game devs, but not drivers.
        • These Lyft/Uber guys aren't even employees. They receive no training.
      • Pat thinks the insurance woman was flirting with him.
        • (She might have known is house cost $1.2 million and thought he was rich. He still drives a Honda Civic.)
  • 90s video game years isn't happening
    • mentions he wasn't paid again.
  • pat says it's too hard to play game and talk to chat
    • other streamers do it.
  • pat's cousin gets lots of donations and gifts from guys
    • twitch thot confirmed
  • pat likes meatball and mushroom/eggplant pizza
  • he ends show by doing some odd impressions of stereotypical italian names in a pizzeria

cupodcast 167:
  • ian DJing some house music at a party
    • pat went to the party
    • Ian says everyone knows Pat doesn't ever leave the house.
      • (Then why'd he buy a $1.2 million tiny house?)
      • Pat says he goes to the gym three times a week. And the grocery store.
  • old woman visits pat's house since it was her childhood home or something
    • i'm surprised she didn't note the second story that the previous owner added.
  • pokemon sword and shield segment
    • [another answer machine during pokemone sword and shield]
    • pat & ian complain about the people complaining about 1st gen pokemon not carrying over
      • Pat has never played a Pokemon game.
  • pat is going to have a small section in the SNES guidebook mentioning super famicom games
    • Great. More games Pat hasn't played.
  • Nintendo vs Sony censorship segment
    • Pat & Ian, surprisingly, don't freak out about Senran Kagura and other games.
  • Ian says emulators are good enough for 85% of people.
  • During discussion of racing games, they just start calling out N64 racing titles.
    • Just so listeners remember this is a gaming podcast?
  • ian plans to reorganize because he has too much stuff
    • pat & ian both wonder who is buying all this retro 80s geek crap (new GhostBusters action figures and so on)
    • ian then says he wishes he had a big kitchen with an island
      • good luck with that. you're a store clerk in california.

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Re: Pat the NES Cunt

Post by mad bum » Wed Jul 10, 2019 2:03 am

These need to be highlighted like Tony's spoony posts, I love reading these. Few things to point out.
Complains, again, about working on The Video Game Years for free. (Such a problem he bought a $1.2 million house.)
He's only mad because he thought the video game years was going to be some HUGE success but it only had a real small audience. Granted I actually thought the video game years was pretty good, it's just retroware was always a dying channel.
"we're 5-10 years behind japan", says pat, "their cell phones are miles ahead of ours"
This is why people call you a boomer Pat, like Bobby said Japan doesn't have these super computers in your pocket. He's actually believing the meme that Japan just has everything better.
Gamecube, PS2, and Xbox are big right now, says Ian.
He says SNES and NES are falling off.
Bullshit, if anything SNES and genesis are red hot right now with the recent mini systems. The next systems to start to rise are the PS1 era which if you actually follow prices are starting to somewhat rise. Gamecube will always be some nintentard niche and PS2 and xbox are still stupid cheap to collect for.

Here's a perfect example of people bitching about SNES games if you read the comments on this.

Roo (16-bit Gems) is doing community theater
works for a lightbulb company.
Good for Roo, I guess. A lightbulb company seems strange but he might be doing some sort of IT and getting paid big money.
he made projared's career. Jared owes him money.
EVERYONE is claiming that they made projared's carrer. Screwattack is doing the same thing but at least they actually have some claims for that being true.
pat thinks quartering is jealous of Pat's relationship with AVGN pat wrote avgn episodes

That was like 7 years ago, and people still go "Who the fuck is this guy?"
"Dude, 5 moves, I'm sitting on your arm until it's snapping. But to each their own."


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Re: Pat the NES Cunt

Post by VoiceOfReasonPast » Wed Jul 10, 2019 6:59 am

Considering how much Jared has been unpersonned by everyone (including himself), it's somewhat astounding how everyone and their mother still wants to be associated with him.
mad bum wrote:
Wed Jul 10, 2019 2:03 am
This is why people call you a boomer Pat, like Bobby said Japan doesn't have these super computers in your pocket. He's actually believing the meme that Japan just has everything better.
Also this is Current Fucking Year. Whatever toys they have, we also have. It's not like those phones can only reach Western shores by having a brave samurai paddle through the Seven Seas.

If there's anything they're ahead in, it's mostly infrastructure stuff like their subway and train stations.
Autism attracts more autism. Sooner or later, an internet nobody will attract the exact kind of fans - and detractors - he deserves.
-Yours Truly

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Re: Pat the NES Cunt

Post by Keith Chegwin » Wed Jul 10, 2019 7:21 am

The Japanese still use fucking fax machines. The Western ideal of Japan as being this high tech paradise is almost completely false
rabidtictac wrote:
Fri Sep 20, 2019 9:55 pm
Let's be real: it was the anniversary game that Sonic deserved. A celebration of everything that makes the series what it is. Unbridled autism, failure and incompetence.

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