Axiom's End by Lindsay Ellis/Hotdog girl

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Re: Axiom's End by Lindsay Ellis/Hotdog girl

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Axiom's End by HotDog Girl
Chapter 40: The Finale
DHI Book Club Discussion by pibbs
protected by Fair Use, bitch

Cora’s ease into consciousness became a plunge. She gasped and sat up, bracing for the ripping fire from her ripped-up and seared insides. There was an ache, but no ripping.
She wakes up in a hospital.
Insert ending scene of Wizard of OZ. All her family is there, including Aunty, and the dogs.
They know not how she got there.
They are free because daddeh leaked a document.
& is nowhere to be seen.
Cora had been missing for two weeks.
Guv'ment types came and went.
Yo, bitch. What had happened to you?
Agent Flannel visits her regularly.
They talk about daddeh and his leaking. Of documents. Documents.
& invisibility cloak visits her.
“What are you doing?”
“Making room,” she stated. “So you can lie down next to me.”
Nope. Not getting roped in this time. No space raptor sex.
They spoon.
He strokes her.
He was so big, him sharing a bed with her meant he was practically on top of her
“Cefo was bonded to Obelus, too, wasn’t he?”
The rhythmic stroking stopped. “Yes.”
“So the three of you were a phyle,” she said.
A homo-raptor threesome? Ew.
Please stay, &.
Can you read my mind?
“You did something to me,” she whispered.
Ampersand’s rhythmic stroking slowed and then stopped. He shaded his eyes in one long, languid blink.
What aren't you telling me?
No, I musn't.
Nigga, please.
It's for your own good.
Tell me!
You would if you liked me.
I like you.
Aight. But you gotta keep this on the down low. 'Naw what I sayin'?
Fo' sho!
I'm brain damaged from torture, and Erf scares me. When I was younger I wouldn't have bothered with yo broke ass.
Fo' real?
True! But now, you my nigga. I coulda just let you die, and go on with my bad self, but I lerv you. I done did fusion bonded with yo ass.
Cool. I can hear yo thoughts now.
Nuh uh. Niggas can;t be hearing us.
This nigga can.
“Whatever you did, it did something to me. It hurts me, the thought of you leaving. I don’t know if that and the bond are related. I think they must be. I’ve never felt like this before. It’s like, I don’t know, I feel like an addict. Like if you leave, I’ll go into withdrawal.” She chuckled nervously, and thought of just how powerful he was.
You my homie. *taps his chest twice with peace sign and points at her.
There were riots in the streets. The government was crumbling. And here she was begging the source of that chaos to stay.
“But our bond will always be difficult for me.”
Always with the riots.
“But our bond will always be difficult for me.”
On reflex, without even asking for permission, she found herself reaching up for his “face,” that delicate curve of structure that rimmed his big eyes. He allowed it, even seemed to lean into it. “Why?” she asked.
“Given our disparate physiology, we can never communicate through high language. I will never truly know you. We will always be isolated within our own minds.”
Cora understood what he meant. He couldn’t communicate with her any deeper than human language would allow. He could never know her in the same way he knew his other symphyles. “Well,” she said. “We humans somehow manage with only the limits of human language.”
“Yes, you do,” he said. “But I am not human.”
And THAT is that.
End of an awful, awful book.
Lindsay, fuck you. I hope you get hit by a bus before your sequel comes out. The world is now a little dumber because of this travesty of a “book”.
DHI, you didn't ask me to do this, but here you go.
If you want to read this piece of shit for yourselves, the torrent is still up. Do not send a dime to that cunt.
I'm out of here.

I’ve had some version of Ampersand in my head for ten years, but the final form of this thing is miles away from where it started. I did not foresee how many people would eventually help me find the final shape of this word cloud, but there have been many over that decade-long haul. Here are some of them.
Thank you:
To my literary agent, Christopher Hermelin, who reached out to me on a hunch that I already had a story ready to go, and like Merry and Pippin, his coming was like the falling of small stones that starts an avalanche in the mountains, and who has also become a good friend. To Antonella Inserra and Elisa Hansen, who have been with this project since its earliest incarnations, and the number of drafts they have read is *checks notes* many. To my husband, Nick, who was not only an invaluable font of knowledge but also has been a loving and supportive partner through The Process. To Angelina Meehan, my creative soulmate, who immediately understood what I was going for and helped me find the book’s final form, its aesthetic, its theme, and so very much else. To Pete Wolverton, who was so excited to take a chance on this book, and to Hannah O’Grady, who likewise spent so much time on this project. To Hank Green, my friend and mentor who has guided me and helped me in more ways than I can list on an acknowledgments page. To the rest of the team at St. Martin’s Press, who gave an unbelievable amount of trust and faith for a debut. And to other folks who’ve either worked with me on this, helped it find its form over the years, or just been there with support or advice: Ken Munson, Aline Baumgartner, Emily VanDerWerff, Katherine Lo, Sean McCarthy, Sue Ellis, Oliver Thorn, Lindsay Ribar, Princess Weekes, John Green, John Scalzi, Philipp Dettmer, and Caitlin Doughty.
Most of all, deepest thanks to President Ronald Reagan, who deregulated the hell out of children’s television programming in the early 1980s (among many other things), and without whom Transformers would not exist.
To Lindsay and her mob, book discussion is in the NCunt: Black Cocks Only thread, where you may REEEEE without censorship. A freedom of differing opinion that we grant and that you wouldn't.


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