Spergcuck of Nignog

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Re: Spergcuck of Nignog

by wildmage » Thu Feb 08, 2018 7:35 pm

Reposting this because, for a bunch of spergy brown shirt larpers, they sure hit the nail on the head sometimes (reminds me a bit of early south park):

Re: Spergcuck of Nignog

by rabidtictac » Thu Feb 08, 2018 2:43 am

He's always been salty.

Remember when I made a shitpost video called "S argon of patreon"? I did that years ago.

IN LESS THAN A DAY after posting it to youtube, with my 400 subs and 200 views or whatever, Spergcuck of Nignog found the video, tweeted about it, sent a brigade of cockriders flying in to defend him and posted on the video himself. But he only posted once (for the upboats) and then never replied to anything I said to him. : DDDD

That was one shitpost video, a few minutes long. Doesn't even compare with calling him a cuck (which is true) or claiming he's a nigger because of his ancestry. Remember, when people did those things he sperged out for several days shitposting gay interracial porn on twitter, a public website btw (I assume his account was not age-locked, but who knows) before getting banned. Then he cried about being banned and tried to pretend he hadn't clearly violated twitter TOS with his multiple gay interracial porn spergeouts.

This guy is obsessed with himself. He gets paid to shitpost polidicks, which has given him this paranoia + narcissism. He thinks he's super intelligent and his opinion is valuable, but he also can't help but google his own name CONSTANTLY to find anyone, anywhere who says something negative about him.

He could have easily written the alt-right off. "These guys are more conservative than I am, which should surprise nobody." Boom done. But he keeps getting into spats with them because he knows his audience is shared between the alt-right audience, and he seems to feel obligated to, if not appease them, at least go out of his way to sperge out over why he WON'T appease them.

Dude's a fucking cult leader. So are a lot of the alt-right youtube celebs. It only makes sense they butt heads. Their scams interfere with each other since they share the same audience, mostly.

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised to see this very forum show up on his boring This Week in Shitposts program, just because he needs to find some shit to shitpost about daily and he can't help but google his own name multiple times per day.

Re: Spergcuck of Nignog

by Poonoo » Thu Feb 08, 2018 1:27 am

Guest wrote:
Thu Feb 08, 2018 12:45 am
saying mean things about a public figure on the internet = being a nigger
Jesus he's really putting the Sperge in Spergcuck. He's a real fucking dummy, I don't think he really understands his "enemy" or why aybody has a problem with him.
He understands alright, he is just being a salty little shit and pretending he is ignorant.

Re: Spergcuck of Nignog

by Guest » Thu Feb 08, 2018 12:45 am

saying mean things about a public figure on the internet = being a nigger
Jesus he's really putting the Sperge in Spergcuck. He's a real fucking dummy, I don't think he really understands his "enemy" or why aybody has a problem with him.

Re: Spergcuck of Nignog

by Poonoo » Wed Feb 07, 2018 11:53 pm

Spergcuck of Nignog calls people niggers because he is so salty at the alt-right. Also he essentially says the alt right is too mean to him and aren't "very inviting" so he won't debate them.

Like we said years ago, he is a thin skinned prick and the internet is starting to figure it out.

Re: Spergcuck of Nignog

by Guest » Sun Jan 14, 2018 5:09 pm

His idea of a political system sucks and he basically wrote shit down we already have which is stupid because liberalism is a failure
All legal adults must be franchised with the right to have a direct method of exerting influence over their government.

Re: Spergcuck of Nignog

by rabidtictac » Sun Jan 14, 2018 2:44 pm

Any time you remove inheritance/property/power from the family (the dynasty, I guess, or the estate), it goes into the state.

If there is no state, it goes to whatever warlord or shiteating dictator is in power.

This is also something ancaps don't understand, but it's a more general problem with them. They think a power vacuum can just exist forever with nobody filling it. If it isn't kids inheriting property "unearned" from their parents, it'll be some state official inheriting that same property unearned from strangers who have less power than them.

As for who is entitled to what, this is where I dip my shitlib bedora, because I'd rather give old people a bare minimum of shelter and food than see them dying in the streets. Same for children.

Another route to take with this "entitled" idea is to say that nobody is entitled to anything except what they can scrape from this earth, aka The Will to Power. So I could attack the notion that way too. I'm entitled to do a thing if I do it and nobody can stop me. I'm not entitled if I do a thing and you stop me. What does "entitled" mean anyway, except some kind of social contract in which both sides don't feel ripped off? But sometimes one or both parties might feel ripped off and go along with the "entitlement" anyway, because the state forces them to adhere to the agreement. So if the state is forcing you into a deal where you feel ripped off (like paying inheritance tax on income that was already taxed,) is the state still "entitled" to that money? Or does the Will to Power come into play again? The state does it because you can't stop them and they are entitled because you cannot stop them.

A lot of ideas that seem cool in theory don't work at all in practice. Meritocracy is a good ideal to have in current year (where the mainstream media are all about the opposite), but you can't go full retard with it.

Re: Spergcuck of Nignog

by Poonoo » Sun Jan 14, 2018 12:30 pm

Surprise surprise, Spergcuck of Nignog is a stupid cunt who rushed out his list of principles without thinking it through. JF rips his stupid made up ideology to shreds, I can't wait until he tries to sell his political system to the masses, especially his vaguely written shit like "Nobody is entitled to receive benefits that they did not earn or to which they are not already entitled to by being a citizen". He is so autistically devoted to Meritocracy that as JF pointed out, this policy would mean that children aren't entitled to inherit their parents money when they die. What happens to the money in that instance isn't explained since Spergcuck of Nignog pulled this shit out of his ass in a fucking day and called it an ideology.
JF wrote:Spergcuck of Nignog needs to give a more serious look at his values. This is a process which every political thinker has been through, except Spergcuck of Nignog it seems.

Re: Spergcuck of Nignog

by Guest » Sun Jan 14, 2018 11:45 am

Sargoon's face is disgusting enough that I'd let the furrfag slide.

Re: Spergcuck of Nignog

by wildmage » Sun Jan 14, 2018 9:55 am

I don't know who I hate more: assholes who point the camera at themselves when sperging about politicks/youtube drama or the same assholes using a furrsona/anime avatar to express the same talking points.

I mean, how do you want me to takeyour opinions on the syrian conflict seriously when it is said by an astronaut mouse?